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I don’t think about food. It’s weird, but that’s the best way to explain it. I don’t think about food.

Veronica O., Texas


I searched for the best combination of the best vitamins and minerals with honest sourcing, attention to ingredients, and minimal processing. We grow our own food but know our kids are still not getting the nutrition they need from their food. Period. So, NOURISH is great support for healthy kids. Now, I know my kids are at least getting all the basics their bodies need. Of course I still feed them nutritious food, but I can worry less about what they’re not getting because they’re getting it now.

Ashley S., Oregon


I absolutely love NOURISH!! It feels so good to give organic whole food nutrition to my babies.

Amberley H., Utah


SOUL is amazing. Packed with so much of what my body needs. There is no way I could eat all the greens suggested by doctors and this assures I have what I need. They give me energy, reduce my cravings, and help with bowel movements. I feel really healthy when I take these.

Courtney L., Florida


BODY is truly fabulous! My husband’s blood pressure lowered by 10 points in only 3 weeks!

Carol N., Arizona


Within 30 minutes of taking BODY and SOUL my nagging headache was completely gone.

Kim W., Texas


I’ve been taking this for about 3 months now and my blood pressure is consistently in the 120/60 range. My doctor has said that if my bp continues to stay at this level she would be willing to drop my medicine dosage. If you have constant hbp it is definitely worth a shot!

Sue H., Minnesota


Just two days now and I have SO much more energy and SO much less fibromyalgia pain!!!

Kimberly A., North Dakota


I give these to my 9 year old and my 4 year old. My 4 year old received the award for most on task for the first quarter. So I would say they work. My 9 year old seems more on task this year than the end of last school year. Plus it tastes pretty good, and is natural. I would order NOURISH again.

Justin R., Florida


I’ve tried many nootropic supplements over the years with different results. The ingredients are similar to other products I’ve tried, but this company must have high-quality sources for their ingredients. I recommend MIND highly.

Heather B., Australia


In the evening I use Sesso Dolce as a perfume. My husband instantly knows it’s going to be Sesso night.

Janet B., New York


I’ve been using SLIMMER for 6 weeks in conjunction with the Weight Watchers program. I LOVE the results (I have lost 22 pounds) and my focus and energy are amazingly increased. I don’t feel I have any negative side effects and will continue to use it in my daily routine!

Mary K., Indiana


My initial experience with MIND was very positive. I can focus and switch tasks efficiently without feelings of overwhelm, mood swings, or jitters. I take 2 shots in my morning smoothie and start my day knowing I can tackle anything with focus to make it happen.

Kevin T., Australia


I love the way I feel when I take MIND. I definitely feel more calm and I sleep so much better.

Robert S., Texas