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How Tea Tree Essential Oil Helps Infections

How Tea Tree Essential Oil Helps Infections

Tea tree essential oil is an immensely popular addition in the self-care market for a number of reasons. Be it skincare or aromatherapy, pharmaceuticals, and whatnot, the advantages of using this essential oil are all valuable for overall wellness. But did you know one could also use it to treat infections as well? Keep reading if you want to find out how tea tree essential oil helps infections.

Anti-Inflammatory Property 
Tea tree oil is filled with natural antioxidants that help fight free radical damage. These free radicals are responsible for inducing an inflammatory response in the cells and are often resulting due to the toxins released by foreign agents like bacteria and viruses. The natural antioxidants work by easing the inflammation produced in the area affected by these microbes.
For example, bacterial acne has inflammation as a key symptom. The skin becomes inflamed: Reddish in appearance, bumpy, and painful to touch. Also, some spots develop little cysts or pus as a sign of inflammation, which can be quite disturbing for the person. Tea tree oil, with its flavonoids, soothes the inflamed area and alleviates the signs of acne.

Anti-Microbial Nature
Bacteria, viruses, and fungi are some of the microbes responsible for inducing infection in living beings, including humans. Anti-microbial agents with specific compounds help to eliminate the infection and the signs associated with it by killing these microbes. Tea tree oil is found to contain a compound Terpineol that kills the microbial agents responsible for causing inflammation.
This way, the infection-causing activity is stopped, and the affected site eventually heals itself from the damage caused by the bacteria, viruses, and fungi. So, we can say tea tree oil has the potential of a drug used to kill such organisms.

Immune System Activation
Our white blood cells in the body are responsible for fighting off any harmful toxin, microbe, or any other foreign agent that is harmful to the body. Whenever there is an attack of such harmful substances, the immune system should be active enough to fight these agents. It also helps in rapid wound healing and therefore prevents excessive bleeding from cuts and abrasions.
The active compound naturally found in the tea tree oil, Terpineol, also increases the number of white blood cells in the infected site that ultimately enables the body to fight the infection. As a result, the body gets into the healing zone and fights the infection until it is fully healed, and the associated effects such as inflammation or pain are subsided.

Final Word
As professionals got to know about how tea tree essential oil helps infections by studying its constituents and their activity, they became able to elicit favorable results from it. Now, we see tea tree oil is not only skincare but also in products designed for fighting inflammation and infection. We hope this article gave you a comprehensive insight into how tea tree essential oil helps infections and the reasons why many pharmaceutical companies are adding it as an essential part of their products.

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By Krystle Depass Lynch

Krystle Lynch is a Wife, and Stay at home mom. She found out about Heart and Body Naturals through a friend. She has been actively trying to find products that would help her lose weight, and regulate her blood pressure. When she started taking Hb naturals products she lost 21 pounds in a few weeks, reduced her blood pressure medication in half. Now she is on a mission to help others feel better in their bodies and gain financial success. She believes heart and body naturals is what will help you gain freedom from pharmaceutical pills and freedom in your finances.

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