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How To Maintain A Healthy pH In 3 Steps Using HB Naturals Soul Superfood

How To Maintain A Healthy pH In 3 Steps Using HB Naturals Soul Superfood

There is so much talk nowadays about your pH level, and it is important for all of us to understand its significance. We will get into some important details soon but most importantly we wanted to show you how to maintain a healthy pH (alkaline-acidic balance). It is crucial that we all take the necessary steps to get our physical health in the best shape possible these days.

We will even include an easy way to supercharge your body’s pH balance with almost no effort at all.

3 Steps To Keep Your PH Balanced

  • This is your simple super-charged start down the path to a healthy pH. HB Naturals has formulated an organic superfood powder using: turmeric to combat inflammation, chlorophyll-rich spirulina, wheatgrass, barley, alfalfa and chlorella for their alkalizing properties, and several holistic herbs for liver and kidney support such as “bhringraj” and “guduchi”. The only effort involved is in mixing it with a healthy drink, which means NOT SODAS!! You can get yours now below:

  • Start slowly by adding more raw foods to your daily diet. Start with things like spring or spinach mixes, maybe sprouts (which typically have a mild taste), nuts and seeds that have not been salted, dressed up broccoli or cauliflower, a variety of citrus fruits, beets and carrots, and using onions and garlic to add to dishes. This may be a major departure from what you are used to doing, and if so, just start out slow. You don’t have to change everything overnight.
  • Make sure you are managing your stress. Why? Because emotional stress produces acid-producing hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones are obviously not bad in themselves, but they demand a response to get flushed out of your system. Make sure you are getting outside for regular walks or yardwork, stretching or tension band workouts, or your own relaxing activities like deep breathing, music or prayer.

Now that you know how to maintain a healthy pH, let’s take a quick look at what is going on in our bodies when it comes to alkalinity and acidity.

Importance of Alkaline vs. Acidic

First off, pH stands for potential hydrogen and is a measurement of hydrogen ions in any kind of solution. And you have probably heard that 7 is neutral, with values below 7 being acidic and values above 7 being alkaline. For optimum cellular health, which means a generally strong and healthy body and mind, our blood pH needs to fit into a tight alkaline window between 7.36 and 7.45, and this may sound so crazy.

Well, our bodies are already programmed to maintain this sweet spot, but in today’s world, there is so much going on from the unhealthy and enticing sugar rich foods to environmental toxins and stress (again) pushing us towards acid-loading.

And from a diet and stress perspective, our general lifestyles are adding significantly to an acidic profile. To keep this as simple as possible, when our bodies and our blood become too acidic, we become more prone to diseases.

Look at it this way. We must balance our diets with plant foods to move towards that alkaline balance. A steady balanced diet which includes plant-based raw foods will contribute to a healthy pH balance in your body.  

So enjoy the pleasures of ice cream and cake, and maybe even a root beer float with your favorite monstrous cheeseburger on occasion. But please do not set your body and pH up for failure and constant eventual trips to the doctor’s office by finding a good balance.

Remember to start things off with HB Naturals all organic superfood alkalizing SOUL powder and we even have some generous gift cards available to those who respond quickly.

Here’s to a balanced pH,

By Michael and Charleen Ecuyer

Hey all, we hope you found our articles encouraging and useful. My name is Michael and my wife’s name is Charleen. HB Naturals is the perfect home business fit for us because they provide quality health-promoting organic products AND give super-responsive support and training through the HB Vitality team leaders. Give this a serious look and we hope to be working with you side by side in the near future.

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