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How to Use Oregano Oil for Sinusitis Remedy HB Naturals Oregano Oil

How to Use Oregano Oil for Sinusitis Remedy HB Naturals Oregano Oil

We have all had the distinct pleasure, ha-ha, of dealing with those awful sinus infections that come around when the weather changes or in the middle of the winter. You don’t have to suffer anymore because we are going to show you how to use oregano oil for sinusitis remedy relief using HB Naturals Oregano Essential Oil.

You can get some here:

We are not talking about a remedy or relief that will come days down the road. We are talking about immediate relief, a remedy that will begin acting within hours to 1 day. It is important, though, to act as soon as you begin feeling those horrific symptoms of sinus pressure or achiness.

Instructions On How To Use Oregano Oil For Sinusitis Remedy Relief

While there are many cautions on the internet with using oregano oil orally, we have found it to be extremely effective in quickly stopping the progression of sinus, throat and respiratory infections. I have never experienced any side-effects from its oral use.

You absolutely must dilute it, however, with something like olive oil to the tune of 3-4 drops per teaspoon or tablespoon of a pleasant edible oil such as olive oil, since oregano essential oil is so powerful. Coconut oil does not seem to be as effective in this diluting process.

Here’s My Recent Oregano Oil Story

It all started when I was recently eating lunch at work and feeling some soreness in my jaw. By the early afternoon the soreness had spread up to my sinuses. I had felt this before but really could not do anything about it until I got home.

Driving home my whole face was hurting (and please spare me the “your face is hurting me” jokes), and now my throat was beginning to hurt when I swallowed. My head was also beginning to pound and ache.

When I got home, I grabbed a tablespoon of olive oil and placed 3 drops of oregano essential oil in the spoon as swallowed. I also quickly ate something. I ate dinner shortly afterwards and rested for a short while because I still had 2 hours of online work to do. I was already beginning to feel a LITTLE bit better.

After my 2 hour work session, I was really feeling beat and my head and sinuses were telling me to go to sleep. I showered and got ready for bed, but repeated my original oregano oil routine as described before.

Sleep did not come easy because I was still hurting. Finally got to sleep sometime after 1 am and slept until my alarm went off at 5:30m am to get ready for work. To my glorious relief, the sinus pain was gone, my jaw and throat were no longer aching, and my head was clear.

Thank You Lord, as I danced around the kitchen. Got some breakfast, and repeated my HB Naturals remedy for this despicable sinusitis.  Except this time. I added 4 drops of oregano.

I felt fine for the entire next day at work and when I got home, I took 1 more dose. I remained symptom free and did not have to make an apt with the doctor like I used to.

Adios To The Doctor

I didn’t lose any work time and didn’t have to make any co-pays for the doctor. I dIdn’t have to get any prescriptions filled for an antibiotic and no extra costs involved. My bottle of pure wild crafted oregano essential oil from HB Naturals and some pure virgin olive oil were my only costs. Here’s the link again:

This is easily the best natural sinusitis remedy relief and I have never had any prescription that comes close to working as well.  I know exactly where to go the next time I need them. Do you?

By Michael and Charleen Ecuyer

Hey all, we hope you found our articles encouraging and useful. My name is Michael and my wife’s name is Charleen. HB Naturals is the perfect home business fit for us because they provide quality health-promoting organic products AND give super-responsive support and training through the HB Vitality team leaders. Give this a serious look and we hope to be working with you side by side in the near future.

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