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MLM: Not the old fashion way with HB Naturals

MLM: Not the old fashion way with HB Naturals

For most people when they hear the term MLM they immediately turn their attentions to pyramid schemes. Yes, some MLM’s are just that; designed to make you spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars with the hopes of a mighty windfall, only to learn that your bank account has been drained and your dreams of retiring on a beautiful beach are now crushed. I have had my share of MLM’s. As a child I remember a representative from Amway coming to my house and offering my mom a “dream opportunity” to create financial freedom. My mom, being the skeptic, bought the product, but not the business. Avon, Amway, you name it, these companies had a great product, and found a way for others to make money. But the only catch is that your family and friends HAD to buy AND if you could get them to sell too you could become rich. Well, we know how that story ends. The folks at the top get rich, while the ones at the bottom continue to harass their friends and family to “just listen to the concept for me”.

Recently, I joined an MLM and almost lost my mind. The company was sound, and the product was very affordable, but my mindset was not right. I had to pay initially to join, and then I had to purchase product then sell it. A no brainer, right. Well, slowly but surely, I found myself doing more buying than selling. The more I brought, the less money I was recouping. To the point that I almost lost my car due to very poor money management. Those close to me begged me to stop. It took a while, but once I stepped back and really looked, I realized a few things. 1. I am not a natural salesperson. I enjoy talking to people, but by nature I am not what some would call a hustler. 2. To be effective in an MLM you must decide what your “why” is, and then work towards it. 3. MLM’s are not all bad, it is just what you make of it. Although I learned these things, I was completely done with MLM’s-forever.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to HB Naturals that I finally reconsidered joining a MLM company again. I was searching for all-natural products that would help me transition from pharmaceuticals use. So, when I found out that the products were not just natural, but good for me, I decided to try them. Once I was convinced that these were some good products, I learned about the business aspect of HB Naturals. Well, my skepticisms kicked in. My thoughts quickly went back to the first MLM I joined, and I did not want to repeat history. HB Naturals had a free sign up, so unlike the first one I joined, I didn’t have to come out of pocket initially. Unlike the other MLM, HB Naturals gives you major support in growing your business. And, it gives you the opportunity to help others on their journey to better health. It sounded like a win-win to me, so I joined. Immediately, I realized I made the best decision ever.

The HB Vitality Team, hands down, is the best team out there. The leaders of this team are dedicated to changing the MLM game. With unique strategies in place, if you do not succeed it’s because you chose not to. Its not about the quick fix, but the steady pace that is needed in this industry that matters. Am I rich, no. Can I make money, yes. Do I have a new way of presenting information to a massive amount of people who are looking for some of the same things I am-YES. This team has shown me repeatedly that I can define my own success. I figured out what my “why” was, and now I am striving to get to it. If you like to help people and know that all-natural products are one way we are going to live longer, then why not check us out. Feel free to check out my site for product information, and if you are interested in becoming a part of the HB Vitality Team family, please visit

By Heather Douglas Morrison

Heather Morrison loves helping others discover their true passion in life. With over 20 years of experience in the Workforce Development industry, Heather has seen how the lack of financial freedom and strategies have affected individuals and their families. As a mother of a special needs’ adult, Heather realized that pursuing this type of freedom will help benefit her and her son. She started this Networking Marketing Journey with the HB Vitality Team as a way to provide knowledge and support to people like her. She enjoys traveling and meeting new people and her motto is “if her health is right, and her travel life is right, then she will be alright”.

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