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3 Foods That Boost Testosterone Naturally

3 Foods That Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone levels peak in men in their late teens and then slowly decline year by year throughout their lives. Maintaining optimal levels of this crucial hormone is necessary for building and keeping muscle mass, good mental health, and, of course, a healthy libido. Low levels of testosterone can trigger a number of undesirable symptoms like inability to keep an erection, poor physical performance, and compromised mental health. 

While testosterone loss is a natural part of the aging process, you don’t have to accept lower testosterone levels as a fact of life. Some men may opt for more extreme (and costly) measures like hormone replacement therapy, but these are not always necessary to restore testosterone levels. There are ways to increase testosterone naturally, including smart dieting. Here are some of the top foods for boosting your testosterone levels and getting back to feeling like your old self.


With high quantities of vitamin D, Leviathan Wellness recommends tuna as an amazing testosterone booster. You have to be careful with how often you eat it, but any man with Low T should have this on their radar. The major risk associated with tuna consumption is too much mercury, a potentially deadly heavy metal found in tuna thanks to environmental degradation that has seeped into the oceans and into their fishy bodies. However, in limited quantities, tuna is a great addition to your diet, providing ample protein, nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids to build lean muscle.


While this green vegetable may not pop into mind as the ideal food for boosting your manly hormone levels, it can actually provide a huge benefit for men looking to increase their free testosterone levels. Broccoli is a member of the cruciferous vegetable family that also includes brussels sprouts and cauliflower. These foods contain compounds called indole-3-carbinols that reduce the amount of testosterone’s counterpart, estrogen, in the blood and thus improve hormone balance. While broccoli doesn’t technically raise testosterone levels, it increases the potency of the testosterone in your body by neutralizing the effects of estrogen. And according to Winchester Hospital, I3C is also thought to have cancer-preventive properties! 


Mushrooms are unique foods in a variety of ways, including their effect on the endocrine (hormone) system. They work to both increase testosterone and decrease estrogen. Mushrooms come in a variety of species, but they all offer testosterone-boosting effects. That being said, button mushrooms have been studied the most for this effect and supposedly have the greatest testosterone-boosting properties. Shiitake, chanterelle, and portabello are also thought to be very effective.

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