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6 Awesome Benefits that CBD Has to Offer

6 Awesome Benefits that CBD Has to Offer

CBD is touted as the cure-all to just about anything, ranging from cancer to AIDS. It’s the new magic pill that makes many promises, but how much of this is misinformation? Explore with us as we cut through the noise and help you find a list of conditions that CBD can actually improve, along with scientific studies to back these claims.

1) CBD Helps with Chronic Pain

CBD is mostly popular due to being a safer alternative to pain medications such as oxycodone and methadone. Chronic pain itself is fairly difficult to treat because isolating and identifying the causes of pain are difficult, and many sufferers are simply asked to sit through their debilitating conditions. At times, patients are asked to modify their daily activities to minimize the pain.

Chronic pain is mostly caused due to inflammation, and it worsens with time. CBD has been shown to provide relief and reduce symptoms in patients suffering from chronic pain, without causing any negative side effects.

2) Effectively Treat Epilepsy

Epilepsy is not easily treatable since scientist are still stuck figuring out how the brain works. Few medications seem to work against epilepsy and have their own laundry list of side effects. The idea of using medical marijuana to treat epilepsy and seizures was first popularized by the Figi family.

After modern medicine failed them and their daughter Charlotte, the family sought an unconventional route: CBD isolated from hemp with 0.3% THC content.

At that time, Charlotte was suffering from 300 seizures every week with no answer from doctors. The use of CBD resulted in reducing the number of seizures drastically. Charlotte’s story is among those of hundreds of children who silently suffer from severe forms of epilepsy such as Dravet Syndrome with no clinical solution in sight. CBD provides a promise to finding a cure.

3) “I Can Quit Smoking Anytime I Want to… “– the average smoking addict

Everyone knows just how toxic smoking is to health. Smoking slowly kills a person over time, and this habit is widespread enough to be classified as an epidemic by the WHO.  At least 1 in 5 adults dies from smoking every year. Many people have expressed their desire to quit smoking at some point in their lives, but the addiction is too strong to overcome.

Many turn to counseling, e-cigs (not completely safe), and medications to help them quit smoking. However, it’s incredibly easy to relapse and go back to smoking with the classical rhetoric, “I can quit anytime I want.” A startling revelation published by researchers at the University College London found that consuming as little as 800mg of CBD helped smokers quit within the first week of their attempt!

4) CBD to Treat Cancer

So many snake oils have been purported to treat cancer and we all know how they turn out: false promises and toxic side effects. But unlike many snake oils of the past, CBD has scientific studies backing it up. CBD makes it difficult for cancer cells to grow, causes tumors to shrink, and restricts the cells from migrating from one part of the body to another.

CBD does this by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system to regulate body systems in a way that traditional medicines can’t.

5) CBD Reduces Anxiety

Mental disorders plague at least 18.21 percent of adults in the US, with anxiety being at the forefront. Anxiety affects daily activities and makes simple tasks virtually impossible. Traditional drugs have their own side effects and seem to make things worse.  Common side effects include weight gain or loss, addiction to the opioid, and ironically, even depression.

Once again, CBD comes to the rescue as a natural option with no serious side effects while providing almost instantaneous relief. CBD does this by addressing the root cause of mental disorders – directly altering the brain’s CB1 receptors. This lessens the effect of anxiety and allows patients live more normal lives.

6) CBD Can Treat Type I Diabetes

Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disorder that systematically destroys cells in the pancreas, leading to the organ’s inability to produce insulin properly, making it difficult to control blood sugar. In a poorly controlled environment, this disease can lead to a range of negative effects such as fatigue, brain damage, and cardiovascular problems.

CBD has been shown to ease inflammation in Type I diabetes in the pancreas of mince. It downplays the effect of the disorder. While most of these results have been demonstrated in mice, there is a great potential in future human study. 

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