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Best Lockdown Detox Support to Buy

Best Lockdown Detox Support to Buy

Do you need lockdown detox support because your normally healthy lifestyle went by the wayside in 2020 with the COVID-19 crisis?

Comfort Eating in Lockdown

I have to confess lockdown derailed my normally healthy diet – I was overwhelmed with a sudden urge to start cooking ‘comfort foods’ that I wouldn’t normally be tempted to cook! Looking back, it did seem as if the end of my days could be nigh, so best enjoy what was left of my life. When everyone else was stocking up on loo rolls (for some unknown reason in the UK) I was checking that I had enough of my favorite snacks and goodies!

And then there was …

Increased Alcohol Consumption in Lockdown

The prestigious Lancet journal reported on a fairly small (1555 participants) survey of active drinkers and concluded that lockdown presented a risk of increased alcohol consumption for people with alcohol use disorders, likewise for those previously abstinent. Source: The Lancet

While the Lancet discovered that some people actually reduced their alcohol consumption in lockdown, that wasn’t what I saw in my circle of friends.

My personal weakness is for unhealthy food rather than alcohol, but I did find myself treating myself to a “little glass of something” most nights. After all – I wasn’t ‘out and about’, so no reason to worry about drinking and driving, because I wasn’t driving.

Obviously – the above is “What not to do in lockdown!”

Time for Lockdown Detox Support

If food and alcohol increases, combined with a lower rate of activity, have left your clothes feeling tighter, perhaps you’re now starting to think about losing weight. A good detox product can be an excellent kick-start to any weight loss program.

Even if you don’t need to lose weight, now is a good time get back on the straight and narrow with some lockdown detox support.

Looking at it another way, with fewer social events to attend, you might even find it easier to detox.

Choosing a Lockdown Detox Support

  • I was looking for an all-natural, organic, plant-based product
  • It should help to cleanse my digestive system and eliminate undigested waste
  • I wanted it to include a high supply of antioxidants, phytonutrients, flavonoids and healing herbs
  • Several nutritionists suggest that Matcha Green Tea and Oolong Tea can enhance weight loss
  • Other recommended ingredients for detox are Yerba Mate, Ginger Root and Cinnamon Bark
  • It needed to be easy to prepare
  • It must be gentle enough that I can continue with daily life
  • It needed to be palatable

Sorry to introduce a few practicalities into the mix at the end there, but in the past I have attempted a detox with products that tasted foul or just weren’t compatible with a busy life (yes even in lockdown). One complicated procedure recommended by a nutritionist was so extreme it left me ill and weak – I was actually on the floor writhing in agony.

If you stop using a detox product for any of those last points – well you’ve wasted your money.

I’m happy to report that Vitalitea from HB Naturals (<< click link) ticks all the boxes.

The smell when I opened the pouch was absolutely amazing and preparation is simplicity itself:

  1. Add Vitalitea to boiled water.
  2. Leave for at least 2 hrs, ideally for 12 hours so that more vitamins and minerals will be extracted.
  3. Drink it hot or cold! If you wish you can ring the changes with a little sweetener or lemon.

Results of my Lockdown Detox Support

I didn’t get the typical unpleasant side effects of detox, such as a dull headache, itchy skin, nausea or interrupted sleep patterns, but I did feel more energetic and my cravings for unhealthy food reduced. In fact writing this late at night (my normal “munchie food cravings” time) I have just noticed that I haven’t eaten since my evening meal four hours ago.

Another thing I noticed was that taking the measured dose (just 4 cups a day) highlighted how little I was actually drinking (apart from coffee), so it encouraged me to improve that habit.

I won’t go into the full benefits of the ingredients of Vitalitea, because they’re far better explained on the shop website. But if you’re in need of post lockdown detox support, you couldn’t make a better choice than Vitalitea – click here to read full product information.

By Joy Healey

Joy Healey has been looking to build an extra retirement income online for several years now. She has tried more methods than she'd like to admit. Some have been total failures. Some have been successful, but needed continual injections of cash. Others sucked so many hours out of the day it was harder than full-time work. Until she found the HB Vitality team, Joy was ready to give up dreams of a residual income. Offline, Joy is actively involved with family businesses. For fun she enjoys line-dancing and reading. She lives in the beautiful city of Norwich in the UK.

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