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HB Naturals Essential Oils For Back to School Season

HB Naturals Essential Oils For Back to School Season

It’s that time of the year – Back to School season is here and HB Naturals Essential Oils are back to school supplies that you don’t want to forget! Back to school season of 2020 is a bit different with Covid-19 still looming as parents are faced with many different back to school options. Some have chosen to go back to traditional brick and mortar school, some have decided to attend their school virtually and some have switched to home school. Whatever the decision parents make, now is not the time to let our guard down when it comes to our kids wellness and HB Naturals has a Wellness Cabinet Kids Add-On with essential oils that will help support our kids wellness now that school is about to be back in session!

HB Naturals Wellness Cabinet Kids Add-On Includes:

Kids Wellness – This blend was specifically formulated with Essential Oils known for their antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-stimulant properties. At the same time, it’s gentle, non-toxic, and appropriate for long-term daily use.

Ingredient highlights • Eucalyptus Radiata: Primarily an essential oil for the respiratory system, it has good anti-catarrhal properties. It is a powerful expectorant and works well to thin mucus.* • Tea Tree: Unlike antibiotics, Tea Tree has been shown to not kill germs indiscriminately, but to identify and kill the destructive bacteria while leaving the friendly bacteria needed to stay healthy.*

Kids Tri Remedy – This is a proprietary blend of Essential Oils that have been shown to assist and help support the body with colds, flu, and other viruses.* The common cold and influenza have similar symptoms, and both are contagious respiratory infections. Although there is no cure for either a cold or the flu, easing some of the associated discomforts can help everyone during a child’s illness.

Ingredient highlights • Lavender, spike, sometimes referred to as Spanish Lavender, is native to Spain, France, Italy, the Mediterranean region, and Northern Africa. It contains a greater percentage of camphor than regular Lavender, giving it stronger analgesic and expectorant properties. It is an excellent choice for easing headaches, muscle aches, pains, and the discomfort associated with arthritis.* • Ravintsara has been used for centuries in fighting infections.* • Rosemary is excellent with pulmonary congestion and respiratory conditions such as colds, flu, strep, bronchitis, and sinusitis. Its stimulating and uplifting properties are of added benefit when dealing with asthma or other respiratory issues involving a nervous or emotional component.* • Eucalyptus Radiata is primarily an Essential Oil for the respiratory system. It is a powerful expectorant and mucolytic with good ability for fluidification. It is gentle yet effective for respiratory problems and is easily tolerated by children.*

Ravintsara – Ravintsara has a relaxing aroma and is ideal for promoting feelings of clear breathing and open airways.* This oil is a go to for chest congestion, stuffiness, and tickly throats, due to its 1,8 Cineole content.* One of the most versatile and indispensable essential oils; there is little it can’t do. Potent, yet safe and gentle.* Ravintsara has been used for centuries in fighting infections.*

Nourish – the ultimate wholefood multivitamin formulated with a full-color spectrum of organic veggies, fruits, herbs, and nutrient-dense sprouts. Each scoop of NOURISH has an ORAC value equal to the antioxidant power of over 7 servings of fruits and vegetables, making it quite possibly the best multivitamin on the planet!

The ingredients are gently blended, never heated, and are always free of artificial colors, artificial flavors, fillers, sweeteners, additives, and synthetic, isolated, or fractionated vitamins & minerals. NOURISH contains an impressive array of dense nutrients, all from whole foods, created in nature as they should be.

Ingredients include: Organic Carrot Juice, Organic Banana, Organic Nettle, Organic Sea Buckthorn Juice, Organic Oat Grass, SproutGarden® (Organic Broccoli Sprout, Organic Amaranth Sprout, Organic Quinoa Sprout, Organic Millet Sprout, Organic Buckwheat Sprout, Organic Garbanzo Bean Sprout, Organic Lentil Sprout, Organic Adzuki Sprout, Organic Flax Sprout, Organic Sunflower Sprout, Organic Pumpkin Sprout, Organic Chia Sprout, Organic Sesame Sprout), VitaVeggie® (Organic Broccoli, Organic Broccoli Sprouts, Organic Tomato, Organic Carrot, Organic Spinach, Organic Kale), Organic Camu Camu, Triphala

Other Ingredients: Organic Luo han guo (Monk Fruit) and Organic Cacao

During Back to School season it’s also a great idea to have a diffuser on hand because Aromatherapy or inhaling certain essential oils have been noted for their ability to promote feelings of relaxation, focus, energy and well-being. Additionally, diffused oils help clear the air and support a healthier indoor environment which is a great thing during cold and flu season.

HB Naturals Essential Oils Love Box comes with a diffuser and 20 amazing essential oils that include: Peppermint, which is a great pick me up for those low-energy days. Frankincense, which can help with days of feeling overwhelmed. Pink Grapefruit, an essential oil has anti-depressive properties. Sweet Orange is also included, which is found to be uplifting and de-stressing and tends to relax and allow us to regain our sense of optimism.

*The information in this document has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice or medical care of a qualified healthcare professional and you should seek the advice of your healthcare professional before undertaking any dietary or lifestyle changes. This information is provided for educational purposes only.

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