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HB Naturals Weight Loss Pack Review

HB Naturals Weight Loss Pack Review

Recently I started losing weight with the “HB Naturals Weight Loss Pack.”

I had made the mistake of gaining weight over the holidays and failed to curb my appetite in order to stop the weight gain. It was fun but it cost me about of month of dieting and controlling my diet.

I thought it would be more difficult than it had been in the past but found that the HB Naturals Weight Loss Pack was just what I needed to get back to my ideal weight.

First thing in the morning, I start off with a cup of hot green tea. It is something I have done for years and slowly drink this cup of tea while going through my morning devotions and readings.

Next is an 8 ounce glass of “Slimmer.” I just like mine in cold water and drink it all at once while looking out the kitchen window and watching the squirrels and birds start their daily morning routine.

After getting dressed, I then have a bowl of oatmeal and my lovely wife has a breakfast bread she has prepared to go with the oatmeal. We use “Old Fashioned Oats” and cook it on the stove. I then sprinkle “Nourish” on the oatmeal and stir it in with my Sweetener. (No sugar in the house as we quit sugar years ago when our daughter became diabetic at 16 years old.) We eat Oatmeal or Malt Cereal or Wheat Cereal during the week. We like a hot style cereal. On Weekends we splurge and on Saturday we eat Sausage, biscuits, and gravy. On Sunday, it is bacon and eggs. Either way, I just sprinkle Nourish on the meal and eat it.

 At lunch time, I will just drink “Mind, Body, and Soul” mixed with milk or water. A lot of times, I will add a little ice to the milk and make a smoothie. I have been known to make it with ice cream but then I remember I need to lose weight. Sometimes I will just drink the Mind Body, and Soul separately with water. You just have to test it and see what you like the best.

Next in the HB Naturals Weight Loss Pack Review comes the Vitalitea. This is where the weight loss becomes comfortable. I mix the Vitalitea up the night before as per instructions and then I drink it all day long as I would a cold beverage. I have had no problems with the detoxing elements at all. As a matter of fact, I have been called into work and worked all day with absolutely no problems that come with other detoxing drinks.

Losing weight this time has been relative easy using the HB Naturals Weight Loss Pack. I managed to lose a little over 10 pounds in about 12 days.

Let me share with you a few tips to make your HB Naturals Weight Loss Pack work for you.

  1. Get your mind in order before you try and get your body in order. The battle of weight loss will be won in the mind before it is ever won in the body. When I was very overweight, I had to hate being overweight so much that I would do whatever was necessary to lose the weight. That is called making a quality decision.
  2. Decide and accept the fact that eating processed food and unhealthy food will never work for your benefit. I remember the day I went into a Fast Food Place and ordered a salad. That decision was made BEFORE I went in and I stuck to it.
  3. Pick a diet you can live with. Your body is going to fight you on this. Be prepared for it. I use small carrots to munch on if I just have to have something to eat.
  4. Get active. Walking requires no gym membership, or special anything. Start where you can.
  5. Look at the long range goal. You didn’t get overweight in a few days. It is usually a matter of bad eating habits that have been going on too long.
  6. Last, nothing solid to eat after 5 p.m. Drink water, drink water, or just drink water. Cold with ice as I always drink mine that way or a hot cup of water. Add a little lemon juice if you would like to.

Make losing weight a lifestyle and make it a game. I know it’s not going to be your favorite game but as you keep losing weight, you will reach a point where you won’t go off the diet for anything else because you know you will forfeit your planned weight loss.

HB Naturals Weight Loss Pack will make your “Weight Loss” journey workable. You Can Do It!

For more information on the Weight Loss Pack click here

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