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My First Experience with Slimmer and Vitalitea

My First Experience with Slimmer and Vitalitea

My first experience with Slimmer and Vitalitea was perfect timing. I didn’t even know I was looking for it. I’ve been trying to balance my weight and stomach area. I’ve been managing my eating habits for 15 years. But the last 4 years I was committed to focusing on my mid-section. I had in my mind I could have a beach body. Mind you I never had one in my teenage years. I was the skinny kid with no chest and big stomach. I was focus as a young man, just eating to gain weight and no exercising.  My form of exercising was playing basketball all day long. I didn’t want to be the skinny kid called “sticks”. At one point, I ended up being over 200 Ibs with this 5’8” frame. As life brought me challenges, I began to use food as comfort, whether happy or sad.

            I notice different aches and pain being at this weight. My Doctor notice my cholesterol level was pretty high. A light bulb went off in my head at the age of 29 to start making changes. It didn’t happen over night but I did give up fast foods. I visited fast foods 6 days out of the week. Fast forward, without any exercise plan, I wanted to focus on food and the mental battles that comes with it. I made a commitment eating only baked foods with veggies. In my quest to cut the fat off my stomach, I notice little changes. I thought eating healthy and fiber foods was the key. I was embarrassed in my progress; I would walk around sucking my stomach in. I call it “manifesting”, but didn’t know at the time.

            I got married 3 years ago, my wife and I is committed to vegan-gluten-free lifestyle. I’m setting my body up for success. But that darn stomach still follows me into my future. Here’s come the introduction of Vitalitea and Slimmer from HB Naturals. I read all the description on what it does and the ingredients involved, my wife and I jumped on it. I tried a detox plan for 30 days and eating raw veggies. My stomach still felt bloated after cleansing my body. “Boy, a miracle started to happen”, after I combined the Vitalitea and Slimmer together. I started to lose the inches off my waste and overall weight off my body. I was surprised from the energy I got from the Vitalitea and the clarity it brings. I would lose focus while working on different projects. But my focus began to get better.

            I’m excited to say this product really work. I’ve lost so many inches. My wife notice my weight was dropping to fast. So I stop drinking the Vitalitea every day. My ideal weight is 165-170 Ibs. I’m currently using the slimmer on a regular every day. I will do a follow-up blog on the slimmer. No longer will that big gut follows me into my future. Thank you for reading this blog. Check out the information on Vitalitea and Slimmer from HB Naturals. 

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By Adrian James

Hello, my name is Adrian James. I was introduced to HB Naturals products nearly 5 months ago. All-natural and plant-based products. It was a perfect fit for me in my new vegan lifestyle. Being gluten-free knowing the ingredients is very important. I love how HB Natural provides product information pages. I couldn’t help myself talking about the products. I joined the HB Vitality team for this reason. The compensation plan is the best I’ve ever seen. Do you need a business to work from home? Do you want to try the products? Send me an email and let’s get you started today.

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