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How To Help Someone With PTSD Using HB Naturals

How To Help Someone With PTSD Using HB Naturals

Post traumatic stress can result from a variety of stressors, not just war-time combat situations. In fact, it has become so prevalent in today’ society that we believe it is critical that we all learn how to help someone with PSTD to deal with the potentially life-changing symptoms they may be suffering from.

It is very likely that you know someone close who has experienced some type of traumatic event. Examples of these types of experiences include such things as car accidents, physical/mental or sexual abuse, severe or chronic illness, accidents or injuries at home, workplace trauma, natural disasters, loss of family members, domestic violence, criminal activity, and election results. Haha

Do you see from this list how commonplace traumatic events are becoming? Most people suffering with the related physical and psychological damage will end up turning to a variety of unhealthy ways of trying to escape from the after-affects.  

We will briefly look at some of the most common and troublesome symptoms, some simple steps you can take to help someone suffering from PTSD with the assistance of HB Naturals, and finally what can result if no help is provided. 

Hyper-Arousal Symptoms

These types of symptoms will tend to keep someone on constant guard and have great difficulty in being able to relax, which it turn wears the body and mental sharpness down. They include:

1) Hyper-vigilance (being on constant alert),

2) Exaggerated response to loud noises,

3) Getting easily startled which then leads to your heart and mind racing,

4) Being easily provoked to tears which can create a paralyzing effect,

5) Prone to angry outbursts which harm important relationships,

6) Sudden and unprovoked panic attacks, and

7) Insomnia

Simple Steps To Help With PTSD Symptoms

  1. To get relief from the symptoms above, we would like to suggest 3 all natural organic products from HB Naturals. The first is called Pain Magnesium Lotion which is very effective in soothing “stress pain” which tends to show up as headaches and neck pain, or helping with physical pain from an injury. Check it out below:  

Pain Magnesium Lotion

The second product is called Magnesium beCalm. You simply place 1 dropper of this magnesium ion solution under your tongue to get 300mg of relaxation and calm. Magnesium is a vital mineral to the functioning of our body and is found in concentrated amounts in our brains and our hearts. The vast majority of the population in general are magnesium deficient. Check it our below:

Magnesium beCalm

The third product is called 500mg CBD Natural which provides 23 mg of full spectrum hemp CBD oil per dropper (organically farm grown and tested in Kentucky). More and more studies are showing the anxiety-reducing impact that CBD oil has. This is also available in a mint option and also higher concentrations. Check it out below:

Organic 500mg CBD Oil

Any or all 3 of these products are effective ways to provide relief from the hyper-arousal symptoms described above. Moving on…

  • Don’t try to fix your loved one or friend, but just do plenty of listening and encouraging,
  • If they are agreeable, assist with getting some professional counseling,
  • Learn to be sensitive to their triggers, and
  • Look into PTSD community resources by calling 1-800-662-4357.

What Are The Risks If No Help Is Provided?

Post traumatic stress can be very damaging to every aspect of life: physical, emotional, spiritual. If no steps are taken to help bring some resolution to the traumatic event, then the destructive nature of this condition will likely only get worse.

Clinical depression and even thoughts of suicide can result. Crippling anxiety is also common. All of this can easily become magnified as the PTSD sufferer turns to alcohol or drugs for relief. Social isolation and problems with personal relationships will typically become more obvious. Hopefully you can now see that learning how to help someone with PSTD and taking some simple action can make all the difference in the world.

We wish you the best,

By Michael and Charleen Ecuyer

Hey all, we hope you found our articles encouraging and useful. My name is Michael and my wife’s name is Charleen. HB Naturals is the perfect home business fit for us because they provide quality health-promoting organic products AND give super-responsive support and training through the HB Vitality team leaders. Give this a serious look and we hope to be working with you side by side in the near future.

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