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How to Start Over: Healthy Detoxing with HB Naturals

How to Start Over: Healthy Detoxing with HB Naturals

What better way to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle than to detox your body? Detoxing has been around for a long time. It is a way to rid your body of toxins and things we encounter on a regular basis. Some detox systems require a strict eating plan and let’s face it, most of us don’t want to or can’t stick to this type of eating. If you are like me, I start, and then somewhere around day 3 I am completely over it. Now, I know this is not how I should approach detoxing. For detoxing to work, first you must be honest with yourself and ask a few questions prior to starting.

One: What is your why. My why was I was tired of feeling run down and I was ready to make a change in my life.

Two: When will you start. I decided to start but really didn’t want to do the same detox systems that are out there in the market, so when HB Naturals was presented to me, I decided to start with the Love Box, which includes the Vitalitea and the weight loss product Slimmer.

Three: What will make you stick to it this time. Well, I can truly say that I had my doubts, until I had my first taste of Vitalitea. It has a great taste, easy to drink, and makes me feel good. After a few sips, I wanted to stick to the plan of detoxing. Here is an article on why it is important to detox your body.

My Love Box; from me to me. I am in LOVE with my Love Box. The name says it all. If you want to show yourself some love, then get the Love Box! Once I purchased this and started using it, my body realized just how much it needed it. The Slimmer with the oil has curbed my appetite and has helped me, along with the Vitalitea regulate my system.

I have had stomach issues for some time now (since having multiple surgeries and taking pain medications over the years) which has taken a toll on my stomach. I have taken prescription medication to combat this issue, and one day I decided I no longer wanted to fight this battle by using pharmaceuticals.  After suffering for some time, I was looking for something more natural to take, and then HB Naturals showed up. Although HB Naturals does not claim to heal, or diagnose, I can say that since taking my detox tea and slimmer, I have seen an increased improvement in my body. So much so that I joined the company as a consultant so I can share the good news to everyone I know. HB Naturals products are 100% all natural, gluten, soy, and GMO free. As I learn more about the company, I realize I made the best decision. Not only am I reclaiming my health, I am doing it with a company that cares about people, and for me, that makes this journey even more worthwhile.

 I hope you are ready to start your detox journey now. Feel free to check out my site for product information, and if you are interested in becoming a part of the HB Vitality Team family, please visit

By Heather Douglas Morrison

Heather Morrison loves helping others discover their true passion in life. With over 20 years of experience in the Workforce Development industry, Heather has seen how the lack of financial freedom and strategies have affected individuals and their families. As a mother of a special needs’ adult, Heather realized that pursuing this type of freedom will help benefit her and her son. She started this Networking Marketing Journey with the HB Vitality Team as a way to provide knowledge and support to people like her. She enjoys traveling and meeting new people and her motto is “if her health is right, and her travel life is right, then she will be alright”.

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