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Lemon Essential Oil and HB Naturals

Lemon Essential Oil and HB Naturals

It is Saturday morning, and just when I thought I was going to spend a good portion of the day relaxing, I wake up to the smell of lemon scented cleaning products and music. I believe my mother knew that this combination would not only make me get up, but that it would help motivate me to assist in the household chores. I will admit, the smell of lemon really did wake me up and put a little pep in my step. Lemons, by all standards, can be considered among nature’s “natural sunshine”. No one really knows the origin of the lemon, although some science experts believe it may have its roots in northwestern India where it has been cultivated for over 2,500 years. To find out more about the history of the lemon, check out this article:

We use lemons in a multitude of products. From cleaning supplies to hair lighteners, lemons become a staple product in the homes of Americans and those abroad. The use of essential oils has skyrocketed over the years in the United States. It is estimated that the market size value of these oils is 18.62 Billion USD (according to and is projected to have a growth rate of 7.6% from 2020 to 2027. Therefore, it is fair to say that essential oils are here to stay. Interested in the ways this essential oil can be used, click on

HB Naturals Lemon Essential Oil

HB Naturals Lemon Essential Oils are considered pure and organic. Sourced from Italy, the cold pressed oil can be used for the following

·        Household cleaning

·        Antiseptic uses

·        As an astringent

·        Food flavoring agent

·        Digestive needs

There are some things to think about before using this or any essential oils. Make sure to consult with your doctor or practitioner prior to using to avoid any potential contradictions with medicine. Some essential oils can only be used by combining a carrier oil, like coconut oil, before using so make sure to do your research. To learn more about HB Natural Lemon Essential Oil, check out this link and feel free to check out my site  for more information on our our all natural, soy and GMO, gluten, and vegan free products.

By Heather Douglas Morrison

Heather Morrison loves helping others discover their true passion in life. With over 20 years of experience in the Workforce Development industry, Heather has seen how the lack of financial freedom and strategies have affected individuals and their families. As a mother of a special needs’ adult, Heather realized that pursuing this type of freedom will help benefit her and her son. She started this Networking Marketing Journey with the HB Vitality Team as a way to provide knowledge and support to people like her. She enjoys traveling and meeting new people and her motto is “if her health is right, and her travel life is right, then she will be alright”.

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