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Using Organic Products for Weight Loss

Using Organic Products for Weight Loss

The world is facing a rise in obesity rate exponentially. The increased intake of processed food makes it challenging to maintain a healthy body weight. People follow all sorts of fad diets from the internet, which can have harmful effects on their health.

Why go after unsafe fat-burning alternatives, when the natural and organic sources can prove to be highly effective in your weight loss journey?

We have listed below the best organic products that can lead to weight loss. These are not only wholesome, but also produce great results. So, choose a healthy way of living by incorporating these organic products into your everyday life.

  • Green tea

Green tea is one of the most popular products for losing weight. It contains a chemical called EGCG, which helps the nervous system and the brain to boost metabolism and burn fat. Moreover, green tea also has caffeine, which is known to increase the metabolism rate.

In addition to this, green coffee bean extracts are also effective for weight loss. It contains a chemical called chlorogenic acid, which helps to boost the metabolism rate and triggers the body to burn fat quickly. It is also a great ingredient to counter high-blood pressure issues.

  • Products with Proteins

Proteins are an essential ingredient for anyone who wants to embark on a weight loss journey. A high-protein diet has the ability to make your stomach feel full, which in turn, lowers your appetite. This is the reason why eggs are a part of diet programs. A high protein breakfast with eggs can boost your energy levels the whole day.

Yogurt is also considered a good protein source as it is low in carbs and has good fats. It is also a fix for all those sweet cravings. Quinoa seeds, with all nine essential amino acids, are an excellent source of protein. Quinoa is rich in magnesium, iron and is a great substitute for meat. Another authentic substitute for meat is beans. It is high in proteins and keeps you feel full for a long time. Beans are a delicious and healthy option for picky eaters. Lean cuts of meat and nuts are also some of the best protein-rich foods and organic products for weight loss.

  • Products with Probiotics

Our body has a variety of bacteria dwelling in the digestive system. These gut-dwelling bacteria are helpful in elevating the metabolism rate. Foods containing probiotics (live bacteria and yeast) are beneficial to our health as it helps with digestion and maintains a balance between harmful and non-harmful bacteria.

Yacot root plant is a major source for probiotics. It promotes the growth of beneficial gut-dwelling bacteria to reduce inflammation and bloating. Other sources of probiotics are foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and tempeh.

  • Products with Polyphenols

Polyphenols are chemicals that promote weight loss by supporting the bacteria in the intestines responsible for digestion.  Foods rich in polyphenols are apples, oranges, blueberries, grapefruit, spinach, and broccoli. Spices and seasonings are also packed with polyphenols. Dried ginger, cinnamon, cumin, celery seed, oregano, cloves are some of the examples of organic products that contain polyphenols. Green tea and Oolong tea also have polyphenols that help with weight loss.

  • Products with Anti-oxidants

Fruits and vegetables are a brilliant source of anti-oxidants. They help detoxify our bodies by clearing toxins and maintaining healthy bowel movements by getting rid of excess bile. The anti-oxidants nip the fat cells of the body in a way that it curbs the enzyme needed to produce triglycerides, which contributes to weight gain and is a heart hazard. Cranberries, blueberries and blackberries are one of the highest sources of anti-oxidants.

Organic bananas and apples are also packed with anti-oxidants. Apples are great for snacking and help reduce belly bloating.

  • Fiber and Greens

Among the many health benefits of fruits and vegetables, being rich in fiber is the most beneficial one. Fruits and vegetables can be consumed in large amounts, without having the feeling of cheating on your diet as they are low-calorie, low energy density foods.

People with high-sugar cravings can curb their desire for sweet intake by having a large bowl of fruits, especially apples, as they are very high in fiber and they don’t elevate the body’s insulin level.

Dark leafy green vegetables and broccoli are packed with multiple nutrients like calcium, vitamin C, fiber and anti-oxidants. They are low-calorie foods but wholesome organic products for an efficient weight loss program.


Healthy eating should not only be a phase, but a lifestyle. If you opt for organic and natural products in your everyday diet, chances are that you are not going to need a weight loss routine. Nevertheless, if you want to shed a few pounds in a healthy way, using organic products for weight loss is the best way to go about it. If you need more guidance on losing weight in a natural way, check the range of organic products by HB Vitality.


Hi my name is Todd Raymer and I have been around Organic Health Products and Network Marketing for most of my long life ;). I enjoy learning and writing about what mother nature offers up all around us. The healing characteristics of plants and minerals can not be under estimated. I hope you enjoy the articles, HB Naturals offers the purest forms of Organic Health Products that I have ever experienced. Give them a try. Thanks for Reading Todd

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