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4 Supplements to reduce your BLOOD PRESSURE naturally and their BENEFITS.

4 Supplements to reduce your BLOOD PRESSURE naturally and their BENEFITS.

According to google over 100 million Americans have high blood pressure. It is called the “Silent Killer”. Many people walk around for years with it, and never know they have it, until its too late. That’s why it is important to get regular checks ups at the Doctor. Some people have it because of their diets, and some because its hereditary. High Blood pressure long term causes Heart attacks and Strokes. With High blood pressure comes, Blood pressure medication. Blood pressure medication although effective reducing blood pressure, never address the root cause of the symptoms, they just address the symptoms.

One can be on medication for years, but never address the inflammation in their body to correct the high blood pressure. This article is not to tell you to stop taking your medicine, always consult with your doctor first. This article is to educate you on the possibilities of lowering your blood pressure naturally. Natural remedies have been around for centuries. There was a time when herbal remedies was the first line of defense. Now in our modern day society pharmaceutical drugs seem to be the fastest and easiest form of relief, but some of these medications come with a harmful effects.

There are so many side effects to Blood pressure medications, including cancer, lupus, weight gain, irregular heart beat the list goes on. What if there was an herbal, organic supplement that you could take that reduced your blood pressure without all the side effects? Lets take a look down below. 

1) Black Seed Oil– according to ( Healthline) Black seed oil is a flowering shrub that is grown in Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Western Asia. The shrub produces the black seeds. In those that have taken black seed oil, some have seen immediate results. With many from our Hb Naturals Testimonial group within 2 months. With no adverse side effects. 

2) CBD Oil– CBD helps blood pressure by reducing inflammation, reduces anxiety, and improves sleep. Our CBD Oil does not contain THC, so don’t worry you won’t get high. 

3) Entourage– is a Synergistic Blend. It contains black seed, hemp seed which has vitamins such as A, D, and omega 6. Copaiba, helps with inflammation and loosens vessels for better circulation which reduces blood pressure. Hops. Helichrysum, which reduces inflammation in arterial walls. 

4) Body– has many great natural herbs. One of the components that it has is beet root. Beet root contains the nitric oxide that has shown to provide a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure. This supplement has a refreshing taste, and is red in color.

These four supplements are life changers. The great thing is there are many options to choose from according to your health needs. In addition to these supplements also consider adding Vitalitea, and the Trilogy ( Body, Mind, and Soul supplements) to your diet. These will also reduce inflammation in the body. Taking these products for several days to months can significantly lower your blood pressure. Try one or try them all. Plants over pills will always be the best option. You are one step away from feeling better.

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By Krystle Depass Lynch

Krystle Lynch is a Wife, and Stay at home mom. She found out about Heart and Body Naturals through a friend. She has been actively trying to find products that would help her lose weight, and regulate her blood pressure. When she started taking Hb naturals products she lost 21 pounds in a few weeks, reduced her blood pressure medication in half. Now she is on a mission to help others feel better in their bodies and gain financial success. She believes heart and body naturals is what will help you gain freedom from pharmaceutical pills and freedom in your finances.

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