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All about Ayurveda

All about Ayurveda

In today’s day and age, it is difficult to determine which treatment is really effective and which one is merely a fad. In the case of Ayurvedic medicine, the fact that this treatment has been around for thousands of years makes it reliable and effective.

What Is Ayurvedic Medicine?

Ayurvedic medicine, also known as Ayurveda was developed in India more than 5,000 years ago. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means the Science of Life; ‘Ayur’ means Life while ‘Veda’ means wisdom or knowledge. Some scholars even refer to Ayurveda as the Mother of All Healing. Natural healing systems such as Homeopathy and Polarity therapy are offshoots of Ayurveda.

The main purpose of Ayurveda is the prevention of a disease or illness and healthy living rather than getting rid of a disease. It is a treatment that creates a balance between your internal and external environment. It sees a person as unique and a vital part of the natural environment.

It is further built on the premise that any physical disease has its roots in your mind. That’s why doctors who practice Ayurvedic medicine will not just focus on the problem you are facing but your whole being. From your digestive system and your mind to your relationships and lifestyle, these doctors ensure that your mind, body, and spirit are in a good condition to bring your physical being back to its healthy condition.

The Doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha

The universe is made up of five basic elements including earth, water, space, air, and fire. As per the Ayurvedic perception, these elements combine in the human body and form three energies known as the doshas.

Each human body has a unique mix of these doshas. Each one controls a bodily function. Depending on your age, circumstances, and the season, the dominance of one dosha can change. Ayurvedic physicians believe that you fall sick or catch a disease because of an imbalance in your doshas. Doshas control how your mind and body function. They include:

Vata – Governed By Space and Air

This one is believed to be the most powerful of all doshas. The most basic bodily functions are controlled by Vata including breathing, heart function, blood flow, and intestinal function. Things that cause disruptions in these functions are fear, grief, staying up too late or having frequent meals.

Pitta – Governed By Fire

Pitta is the force that controls your digestive system, metabolism, and hormones connected to your appetite. Eating spicy food and too much sun exposure can disrupt some or all of these functions. If Vata is your main life energy, you are thought to be more prone to health issues like anxiety, heart disease, asthma, skin problems, and arthritis.

Kapha – Governed By Water and Earth

This dosha controls body strength and stability, muscle growth, weight, and immune system. Irregular sleeping patterns, high sugary and salty diet, or too much liquid intake are believed to cause disruptions in these functions. Ayurvedic practitioners believe you may develop cancer, diabetes, obesity, nausea, asthma and other breathing diseases if these unhealthy habits are part of your lifestyle.

Benefits of Ayurveda

Provides a Full-Circle Philosophy

Ayurveda reminds you that you are much more than your skin and mass. You have a spirit that embodies different elements. You learn to recalibrate your mental and physical health, reduce stress, and gain a greater sense of well-being. Things like healthy diet and yoga help us achieve all of this.

Balanced Nutrition

Another major benefit of Ayurveda is a balanced diet. Hippocrates said, “You nutrition should be your medicine.” This quote was originally mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. Great value is placed on a healthy diet in Ayurvedic medicine. The vitality of this concept is higher in the Western world where nearly half of all common ailments are caused due to improper and imbalanced nutrition.

An Ayurvedic physician recommends 3 meals daily comprising of whole foods, interspersed with 5-hour breaks. This promotes complete metabolism of foods, prevention of pathogenic waste, and even weight loss.

A Natural Approach Towards Being Healthy

Ayurvedic medicine comprises of completely natural elements that are gentle and effective at the same time, especially for chronic diseases. It is a personalized treatment plan comprising of herbs, spices, oil, yoga, dietary advice, mantras, breathing techniques, exercise and much more.

All of these are oriented towards establishing unity in your internal system. They bring the lost balance back into your system but you have to be patient for it. Once your physician diagnoses your problem, you can simply refer to the treatment plan designed for you and try to stick to it for the rest of your life.


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