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All You Need to Know About Hair and Body Bars

All You Need to Know About Hair and Body Bars

Many commercial brands bottle harmful chemicals in their shampoos and body washes that can have disastrous effects on your hair and skin in the long run. A great alternative to washing your hair and body with chemical-based products is going organic with your hair and skincare.

The hair and body bars often look like soap bars, but they are different. These are bars of solid shampoo and body wash that are easy to use, are higher in concentration with regards to essential nutrients, and more. The simple form of a bar also makes them extremely travel-friendly, and they are TSA compliant as well. 

You can also find hair and body bars in a wide array of formulations. Many of them are available for dry hair, wavy hair, sensitive scalps, and different skin types. They are perfect for almost any hair and skin type. It gives you the flexibility to pick the best one that is suited to your needs. 

We have listed below some qualities of hair and body bars:

1. All Organic Content 

Chemical-based products contain a lot of harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates or SLS, ammonium lauryl sulfate, and more that can be detrimental to your hair and skin. Even the fragrances used in these chemical-based products can trigger allergic reactions.

Hair and body bars are made with organic, natural products, which include essential oils, nourishing plant oils, and more. All of these are better for your skin and are bio-degradable. This means that any run-off from your rinse is not going to wreak havoc on the ecosystem, either.

2. More Nourishing

 The hair and body bars contain more protein and amino acids and other vital vitamins that your hair and body need to flourish. They are also better as compared to the chemical-based products as they nourish and introduce healthy oils into your hair and body. With no harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, or SLS and no artificial fragrances, even someone with the most sensitive of scalp and skin can easily use these bars with ease.

3. More Easily Absorbed

Hair and body bars have nutrients and minerals which are more readily absorbed by the body and scalp that aid in improving your hair and body’s health. Their natural content also makes them easier for them to break down, and as a result, you’ll get to see faster results too when you’re using these organic bars. 

4. A Shine and Glow that Lasts

Shiny hair and glowing skin are indicative of being in good health. While much commercial hair and skincare products promise to give you lustrous shine, the hair and body bars give your hair a shine that beams from within. This is all because of the natural content of these bars, which boosts your hair follicles and nourishes it properly. 

5. Prevents Hairfall

The main problem with hair products can be the buildup of residue that ends up choking the hair follicles and increasing the chances of hair fall. For this reason, it is better to opt for hair bars as they’re not very likely to build up in your hair. 

6. Cost-effective  

The hair and body bars are incredibly cost-effective. One bar can easily last you for two to three months, even with regular use. The bar dissolves very slowly, and if you store it properly, you won’t be experiencing any unnecessary wastage. This also means that you’re getting more value for your money through it.

7. Travel-Friendly

Traveling with hair and body bars is extremely easy, and there are no problems with the TSA about it. Also, you don’t have to worry about the liquid leaking in your bag or ruining your clothes. These dry bars are no problem to carry around with you anywhere.

8. Better for the Environment

When it comes to the environment, hair and skin care products have contributed a lot to the pollution. The chemicals in commercial products have played a part in the destruction of micro-ecosystems. It ranges from the hole in the ozone layer to the poisoning of water bodies. It happens mainly because these chemicals don’t break down easily.

The run-off water containing them carries the risk of causing severe harm to the environment. With organic products, there are no such risks involved. The ingredients allow them to be broken down and absorbed into the atmosphere with ease. It means that any run-off from your hair or body rinse is not going to wreak havoc on the ecosystem, either.

If you are searching for a hair and body bar, check the range from HB Vitality. These bars are infused with lavender essential oil, extracts of patchouli, charcoal, and more.


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