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What to Know Before Shipping Health Products Overseas

What to Know Before Shipping Health Products Overseas

With e-commerce booming for the healthcare industry, many businesses are hoping to expand their consumer base to include a broader international audience. While the logistics of shipping products internationally is now easier than ever, there are certain legal ramifications of shipping health products across international lines. Companies that are in the business of shipping health products overseas should consider the following information.

Shipping Method

Companies that are interested in shipping overseas have to consider international shipping standards. While brands are often aware of what is expected of them when shipping products within the United States, other countries have their own rules and regulations. Prepare to ship your products by researching each country’s shipping recommendations, as well as any laws for the specific types of products you’re sending.

Get the Proper Permits

When shipping products from the United States to other countries, companies should consider the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. APHIS requires businesses to procure transit permits for certain plants, plant products, and similar items. Though the requirements may vary based on a company’s specific products, health care companies that are planning to ship plant products should make sure to get the proper permits before attempting to ship them internationally.

Check Biotechnology Laws

In addition to identifying the required permits, companies should be sure to identify various biotechnology laws as they apply to their products. The laws are designed to ensure that any shipment related to gene therapy, biotechnology, and similar products aren’t used criminally. For example, businesses that are selling health products with seeds or other genetically engineered plant life should carefully review these laws. Be extra careful, since some seeds violate biotechnology export laws. By researching proper export control compliance, businesses can prevent any issues with future shipments and avoid potential criminal and civil penalties.

Control Packaging Temperatures

When transporting temperature-sensitive products internationally, companies need to take additional measures to maintain the proper temperature range throughout the shipping process. If extremely low or high temperatures will compromise a company’s products, it’s essential for these companies to ship with temperature-controlled packaging. With this type of packaging, brands will be able to select the best temperature for their products as this packaging will maintain this temperature level throughout the shipping process.

Make sure you’re compliant with all legal responsibilities before shipping health products overseas. Businesses should use this guide as a checklist to ensure they’re shipping their products according to industry standards.

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