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Are You Hurting Bad Enough To Change What You Are Doing In Network Marketing?

Are You Hurting Bad Enough To Change What You Are Doing In Network Marketing?
Are you in your comfort zone? Are having enough pain with what you are presently doing to make a change?

I’ve got a great story to tell. Most people are like the dog on the porch.

Let me share a story with you, its only a quick one…

One day there was an old man sitting in his rocking chair on his wooden porch with his dog right next to him.

His neighbour walks over and as the neighbor approaches the old man, he hears the old man’s dog whining in pain.

The neighbour says to the old man…

“Why’s your dog whining like that?”

The old man looks down at the dog.

(Whining sound again)

(In a thick country accent) “Aww, he’s just sittin’ on a nail.”

The neighbour says, “Why doesn’t he just get off the nail?”

The old man looks back at the dog, then turns back to the man and says…

“Well, I reckon it don’t hurt bad enough yet!”

The reason why I’ve told this story is because most people are just like the dog…

…They have a nail poking them

…They CAN get off the nail

…But the nail doesn’t hurt bad enough for them to take action.

So, be honest with me…

Do you have a nail poking you?

Maybe that’s been poking you for years?

I don’t know what it is for you…

It might be your job, your struggles in network marketing, your health, relationships, bad habits – it could be dozens of things.

Nothing to be ashamed of… we’ve all been on a nail at some point in our lives.

But here’s an important question…

How much longer are you going to sit on the nail?

Listen up, I’m no specialist in helping you get off of all those nails…

But there is one that I’m certainly able to help you get off of, and that’s the network marketing nail.

It’s why my team has been able to help many people achieve success for the first time.

It’s why my team have helped people build a strong downline for the first time by supporting them with placing directly sponsored people below them using our team rotator.

If you’re at a point in your network marketing journey where you’re ready to get off the nail when it comes to your success and crush it in network marketing, I guarantee I can help you there with the HB Vitality team build.

This is something I have personally been waiting for for the last 25 years or so in network marketing.

If you’d like me to show you a way of you being coached in how to properly grow a network marketing downline and be supported in that journey with people being placed into your team then you need to click the link below and watch my quick video and sign up for a free spot in our team…

But only if you’re sincerely ready to get off the nail!

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By John Botting

Hello and thanks for looking at my blog article. My name is John Botting from England, UK. I'm a long time network marketer with over 30 years of being in the industry. My story of finding HB Naturals started with me searching online for a good quality CBD product at a reasonable price and stumbling across a video introducing HB Naturals and a team called HB Vitality. Anyhow after doing my research, I liked what I saw about the 1000mg CBD product, the CBD quantity per serving, and the price I decided to order straight away and become a wholesale customer by joining up for free. When I checked out the HB Vitality team build and team rotator system where people are put into your downline, plus all the free training and support. And then the HB Naturals compensation plan I knew I had to get involved. In my 30+ years of being in this industry, I can honestly say I have never seen a team as professional as HB Vitality and I'm very confident of the future now. Make sure you join us!

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