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HB Naturals How To Build A Team In Network Marketing

HB Naturals How To Build A Team In Network Marketing

And we do it the EASY WAY!!!!!

Are you fed up with your network marketing company and sponsor telling you to get a list of 100+ names and phone numbers of family, friends, work colleagues, professionals you do business with etc? Well so was we, which is why we show you How To Build A Team In Network Marketing The Right Way within HB Naturals

All that jazz above just doesn’t work anymore whatever your sponsor says. It’s the age of the internet for goodness sake! And it won’t duplicate because people don’t want to do it. And to be successful in MLM you need a system that duplicates!

Well congratulations, you’ve stumbled across a secret team system that is purring away in the background of HB Naturals, training, supporting, guiding and building a very strong team. We are writing blogs (just like this one), producing video’s (just like the one below) growing our team, dominating the keywords for our business and rapidly becoming the team everyone wants to join.

With a private Facebook Group with 100’s of active, motivated and focused team members, who wouldn’t want to be part of that? We all work together, pushing in the same direction, ranking up together, qualifying for fast start bonuses together and building and earning together.

We are doing Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Magazine Ads, promoting our team to motivated network marketers who are looking for what we have. And guess what? Those people are being placed into YOUR DOWNLINE through our TEAM ROTATOR. And its 100% no cost to you…. Yep, zilch, nada, nothing, FREE!!!!

We have a leadership team that are experienced and successful in building teams in network marketing companies. And they are throwing their combined weight behind the HB Vitality Team Build within HB Naturals. And, they are putting their money where their mouths are because they are fronting the cost of the adverting BEFORE they get paid. Why? Because they 100% know they will get that money back and a lot more in the future after they have build YOUR team for you, and with your help.

Yes, YOUR HELP, you will need to work. This is not a free ride. You will need to buy products and carry out the tasks we are all doing to make the team dominate the HB Naturals online landscape. So if you’re the type of person who wants something for nothing, don’t join us. I repeat, DON’T JOIN US! There are plenty of other people out there that promise those types of pipe dreams, go and join them and good luck!!!!

But, if you want to share in the work, and would also like to be rewarded far greater than if you did it on your own we want you to join us and we want you to be successful with the rest of us.

Where do you want to be in 12 months time? Doing the same old thing? Joining another MLM to be told the same old crap and earning no money and not growing your downline? OR, would you rather be in a TEAM that is active, growing, earning, building a strong residual income, having fun, being supported, helping others? I know where I’d want to be. I’ve been in that other place and its not nice. I like it where I am now and I want you to join me.

Watch this video for an overview of what I have just told you…


By John Botting

Hello and thanks for looking at my blog article. My name is John Botting from England, UK. I'm a long time network marketer with over 30 years of being in the industry. My story of finding HB Naturals started with me searching online for a good quality CBD product at a reasonable price and stumbling across a video introducing HB Naturals and a team called HB Vitality. Anyhow after doing my research, I liked what I saw about the 1000mg CBD product, the CBD quantity per serving, and the price I decided to order straight away and become a wholesale customer by joining up for free. When I checked out the HB Vitality team build and team rotator system where people are put into your downline, plus all the free training and support. And then the HB Naturals compensation plan I knew I had to get involved. In my 30+ years of being in this industry, I can honestly say I have never seen a team as professional as HB Vitality and I'm very confident of the future now. Make sure you join us!

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