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How Ancient Natural Medicine can be Used to Heal our Bodies

Ancient Greek and Egyptian herbal healing methods have been used for centuries to cure the sick and heal the wounded. From using various herbs and wild plants to extracting essential oils for wellness, ancient healers made the most of all the elements around them to keep their populations healthy. Their impressive discoveries and natural healing methods paved the way for modern medicine to take root.

Today, we pay tribute to the power of ancient medicine by highlighting some truly effective techniques that are still used in our present-day world.

·       Aromatherapy

One of the most widely used ancient healing techniques still applied today is aromatherapy. It is mostly used for psychological ailments, applying the medicinal properties of various essential oils and herbs for healing. This holistic treatment, often called essential oil therapy, has been proven to improve not just your physical but also mental and spiritual health. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, works effectively to cure insomnia, and can even help people with high blood pressure.

·       Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is commonly used to enhance physical wellness, but it can help manage various health conditions too. It involves a masseuse targeting different pressure points around your body and manipulating the soft tissues to bring relief. Massage therapy has been prevalent in most Eastern and Western cultures for centuries, and the practice is just as popular even today.

·       Homeopathy

One of the most effective forms of natural healing is homeotherapy. It is an alternate form of medicine that follows the principle ‘like cures like’. This basically refers to stimulating the body’s built-in restoring mechanisms to self-heal and promote wellness. For example, we know that onion causes your eyes to water. Therefore, homeopathy is used to treat allergies.

Some other natural ingredients used in homeopathic treatments include white arsenic, arnica, and poison ivy.

·       Traditional Chinese Medicine

Based on traditions dating back to over 2000 years, traditional Chinese medicine is among the most effective ancient medicine still used to treat patients today. It works to balance your energies so you can induce wellness and natural healing into your life. Traditional Chinese Medicine includes blood work techniques like acupuncture, medicinal treatments using herbal products, and even promotes meditation through Tai Chi.

In Conclusion

We often associate staying healthy with regular doctor visits and swallowing down pills. In reality, healing and wellness can come from more than prescription drugs. Trying out these natural healing techniques and ancient medicines offers your body a chance to replenish itself without all those chemicals swimming in your blood. There is even research being conducted on how Traditional Chinese Medicine could be used to cure the effects of COVID-19!

Which of these ancient healing methods have you tried?

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