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How Some of Your Guilty Pleasure Foods May Be Affecting Your Body

How Some of Your Guilty Pleasure Foods May Be Affecting Your Body

It can be tempting to celebrate by loading up on your favorite, and sometimes unhealthy, foods. In addition, comfort foods can help make a tough day more manageable. However, while these foods can serve as occasional treats, eating too much of them will have a serious impact on your health over time.

Sugar and Sweets

A diet high in sugar can cause premature aging and skin sag. This is particularly dangerous for those with high blood sugar or diabetes. Low levels of collagen can cause more than wrinkles. This vital protein also aids your skin in healing if you get a cut or scrape. According to ASEA, the food you put into your body can have a direct impact on your skin. Too much sugar damages your skin’s collagen. Low collagen makes your skin start to sag.

Fried Food

Fried food is aromatic and enticing. However, it’s aromatic because your brain notices that there’s the scent of something flammable in the air. If it’s gasoline, you get away from it. If it’s french fries, you move toward it. Once you’ve ingested the french fries or fried chicken, you’ve put a lot of strain on your internal organs. These foods are especially hard on the kidneys, according to Pliro. High-fat foods take more effort to process out of your system and these fats make your kidneys work especially hard. In addition, fried foods tend to break our calorie budget and offer very little in nutritional return.

High-Carb Foods

Comfort foods such as a creamy bowl of macaroni and cheese entice us because they are easy to chew, tasty and can help us to relax and fall asleep easily. Unfortunately, they are often loaded with fat, high in carbs and completely devoid of fiber. Foods that don’t contain fiber tend to have a soft consistency. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some of your childhood favorites from time to time, it’s critical that these foods be indulged in small portions and combined with foods that offer more nutrition. Comfort foods can make you feel better. They’re also often a treat if the weather is cold and you’re snuggled up inside the house. Baking a pan of homemade pasta or frying up a pan of chicken will warm up the house and make things smell wonderful.

When planning to add comfort foods to your menu, make sure to fill the rest of your plate with nutritionally dense foods to make sure that your body is still getting the nutrients that it needs. This practice can also help prevent you from overindulging.

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