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How to Convince Someone to Join Network Marketing and Grow a Huge Downline

How to Convince Someone to Join Network Marketing and Grow a Huge Downline

Finally, you will learn the truth behind How to Convince Someone to Join Network Marketing.  When you learn this, it is going to change everything in your Network Marketing career!!

You have an amazing product and opportunity, right?!  

How come no one is joining?!

I used to think Network Marketing was:  Talking to people who just are not interested in Network Marketing (ya know, my friends and family, random strangers at the grocery store, posting all over social media) so I could show them “The Light!’  If I could just make them understand how great the products are and how amazing this business is – They would join and we could get rich!!

I went on a mission to figure out how to convince someone to join network marketing.

So I learned:

  • How to build relationships in hopes to 1 day ‘Invite’ them to see my biz
  • How to invite people correctly
  • How to give an amazing presentation (or use 3rd party tool)
  • How to overcome objections
  • How to get people started right (Ya know, have them make their list of 100)

But None of It Worked!!

It was impossible to convince anyone to join!!

The truth is:  The Majority of people are just not interested in Network Marketing.  I don’t know why.  I wish they were..  But they aren’t..  If they were, we’d all be rich!

Sometimes I would work really hard, hit the MLM Lottery and convince 1 person to join, but then, they would never do anything!!

I couldn’t believe it…

It blew my mind..

I started to think Network Marketing is not for me..

Because if I don’t know how to convince someone to join network marketing, I better just focus on getting a JOB!  (Lame…)

However, I had the dream.

I was sold on the idea of Residual Income.

I had to keep going and figure this out!

Here is What FINALLY Worked:

I watched what all the top leaders were doing.. 

(Not what they were saying – Instead, what they are doing!)

And they were all doing the same thing..

Generating incoming traffic of people who are already interested!

They do not have to convince anyone!!

They recruit people who already want to do it!

They create content like Blog Posts and YouTube Videos that ranked on the top of search engines.  The way, when people search for it, they find it!

Imagine that…

When someone searches:  “Best All Natural MLM of 2020” or Reviews about your Company’s Products – They find you!  When people are interested in joining your company, they Google “How to Join Your Company” and they find you!

When you have blog posts and YouTube videos ranking for 100s of keywords that people are already looking for, you no longer have to wonder how to convince people to join network marketing, because it allows you to easily recruit and grow a downline!

Think about this – Once you have created this content, it now recruits for you on Auto-Pilot, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If this makes sense, you should be feeling excited about this!

Here is how we do it:

  • Keyword Research:  We follow a simple plan to discover what keywords people are searching for and we can easily rank for.
  • Team Blog:  Use access to our team blog (which is an authority site) because this will cause your keywords to start ranking quickly!
  • Team Rotator:  It can take time to build up your traffic, so you can earn access to ours while you build up yours.

Truth vs. Myth in Network marketing

Myth:  It happens quickly

Truth:  You have to spend 90 days creating content

Myth:  Everyone will love this and join

Truth: Majority of people are just not interested.  However, millions of people who are interested, are searching Google and YouTube for it..

Myth:  It is really hard to create content and get it ranked

Truth:  Our simple system makes it possible for anyone.  You will have to develop some new skills, but after 90 days of practice, you will be a rockstar!

Myth:  I’ll wait till tomorrow

Truth:  We have a window of opportunity Right Now that allows use a huge target of keywords people are searching for AND we can easily get ranked for!

You are going to want to see this system:

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If you have been waiting for your breakthrough

If this information makes sense,

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See you in The Dojo,

Daniel Jay

PS – It doesn’t matter how long you have failed in Network Marketing, you can quickly start getting results because you use this strategy.  Even if you learn how to convince people to join network marketing, you have to do it forever.  Decide to do this Marketing Plan once and it allows you to get paid forever!  Right now is an amazing opportunity, don’t miss out!

By Daniel Jay

Hey There, I am Daniel Jay. If you have struggled in Network Marketing, realize that I have been here to! The 1st time I heard about Network Marketing, I was hooked! However, it seemed no matter what I did, I just couldn’t be successful! Network Marketing sounded like it would be a perfect fit for me. However, no matter what, I continued to fail! If you feel that same way, just by reading this blog you are already on your path to success. Learning and applying the skills we teach in our MLM Dojo allows you to create your breakthrough. Success is right around the corner when you learn the right way to market online. To Your Success, Daniel J.

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