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How to Make Money as a Nutrition Blogger

How to Make Money as a Nutrition Blogger

It wasn’t what I started out intending to do, but my story below explains how I found myself asking “How to make money as a nutrition blogger?”

Picture me, about 18 years ago, having spent a large sum of money and just finished a 3 year course to become a nutritionist, nutrition coach, nutrition adviser – whatever the terminology is now…

Clutching my certificate in my hand I was all ready to start seeing clients and then BANG, dreams shattered, course irrelevant. People started turning to this new ‘Internet thing’ for answers instead of to me.

When I did manage to attract clients through the telephone directory they turned up with sheaves of pages of conflicting opinions printed from the Internet and in my £60 an hour consultation, they wanted me to provide reasoned arguments as to which of the online celebrity experts (who were charging £200 an hour for a consultation) they should follow.

Yes honestly, that happened!

Although I mention ££ the principle (and ultimate solution I found) remains the same for $$ or whatever currency you use.

The offline strategy was a disaster so my next idea was….

Start a Nutritionist Business Online

I’d spent too much money and time studying to be defeated, so I realized I needed to take my nutrition business online.

My ability to promote myself online back then was zero. But there plenty of ‘experts’ offering to relieve me of money to promote my nutrition business. Some I fell for, but finally I got wise to them and starting ‘doing it myself’.

But when I’d got the ‘basics’ sorted I discovered that the nutrition giants had already beaten me to it and were using paid adverts to promote themselves and their books, consigning me to online oblivion.

Undeterred I persevered and ‘someone’ sold me on the idea of starting a nutrition blog.  So I asked…

How to Start a Nutrition Blog?

Again there were plenty of people online telling me how easy it would be.

Having done it a few times now (on different topics) it IS fairly straightforward:

  • Choose a name for your blog and buy a domain name
  • Choose secure hosting company
  • Install WordPress
  • Choose a theme
  • Set up a Google account and webmaster tools
  • Install WordPress plugins
  • Blog away, minimum of 3 articles a week, and wait for the visitors to buy your products or book your services!

I do find setting up a blog easy now, but the time, those simple steps were complete mysteries to me – even after years in computing I was totally bemused by the terminology.

Furthermore, I didn’t realise how many sub-headings and problems each of those innocent sounding steps broke down into.

More importantly, I didn’t realise how completely ineffective the last stage of starting a nutrition blog would be in my quest to discover how to make money as a nutrition blogger.

Innocent abroad… finally I’d ploughed my way through all those steps (undone mistakes and redone a few) and I was making my first tentative nutrition blog posts. I worked hard at them and, though I say it myself, they contained good, well-researched information.

At that point I discovered that “How to Make Money as a Nutrition Blogger” had been the wrong question to ask. I should have asked…

How to Start a SUCCESSFUL Nutrition Blog?

After blogging into a void for about 3 months with no apparent readers and certainly no income to offset the costs of hosting and ‘looking professional’, it became obvious that I needed to learn about promoting myself on directory sites and advertising.

More costs; and still I couldn’t beat the nutrition celebrities who had deeper pockets that I had.

I’d had enough and spent too much. I gave up my quest to become a nutrition blogger.

Instead I joined one or two nutrition Network Marketing programs (MLMs). The products were good, but the competition problem was just as bad.

I couldn’t compete online and the traditionally recommended methods of promoting a Multi-Level-Marketing supplement programs were impossible for me. Family and friends just didn’t want to know and I had no following of loyal clients hanging on my every word.

So – no more nutritional supplement programs for me either.

In fact, I just wrote off the time and the cost of the nutrition course.

I’m not the only one. Looking back at my ‘Class of whenever’ I see maybe 1% of them still actually practising as freelance nutritionists.

So I completely stopped pursuing any income related to nutrition and returned to my computer based income strategies. Mostly offline, because it was easier.

What Changed My Mind About Being a Nutritional Blogger?

  • I’d never lost my interest in health and wellness products, and carried on buying them, but had never been tempted to promote then again.
  • Likewise I’d carried on blogging – just not about nutrition. I’ve been blogging away about other ways to make money online. But my blog itself didn’t feature as a profitable venture, it’s just been a place I enjoy recording my experiences for posterity.

Then I noticed a friend had joined a team of nutrition bloggers co-operating instead of competing with each other. And I wanted to learn more.

Long story cut short…. when I realized what was on offer it made complete sense after what I had learned trying to promote my nutrition business alone.

Joining the team is a way to write on an authority health and wellness blog, promoting my own affiliate links to the health products business and the products themselves.

It includes a free health and wellness shop; click HERE to look at the products I offer. No way I could have produced a website like that.

And all the hard work I’d gone through to set up my own failed nutrition blog is eliminated because someone else has done it for me and given me free access to promote my business and products.

Sometimes there can be as many as ten articles a day published by different members of our team. So because we are all writing articles on the same authority blog, Google is sending potential clients to us, instead of us having to go find them.

People who:

  • Are looking for the best nutritional products business
  • Have health questions they want answering; and we have products that can help.

Furthermore, because the team is growing (doubled in size in the last 60 days) the leaders are investing some of their profits into paid advertising on our behalf.

So now, discover for yourself …

3 Steps Show You How to Make Money as a Nutrition Blogger

  1. Click HERE to learn how the team helps us once you have proved that you’ll be an active team member.
  2. Open your free account on the link above, have a look round the Facebook group, take the free training and see the other authors you’ll be working with.
  3. Within your wholesale site, place an order for $60 of products and I can give you a $25 discount voucher on your first order. We have more than 50 products costing $30 or less. Request your discount by contacting me on Facebook AFTER registering for your free account above, but BEFORE placing your order.

Will you Get Rich Quick with the Nutritional Blogging Team?


But how long have you spent trying to learn how to make money as a nutrition blogger?

Decide that you will focus for 90 days and see what happens. (Your blog posts will stay ‘out there’ promoting your links long after 90 days.)

PS I don’t do videos myself, but many of the team are speeding through the ranks faster than I am by doing videos. The choice is yours!

By Joy Healey

Joy Healey has been looking to build an extra retirement income online for several years now. She has tried more methods than she'd like to admit. Some have been total failures. Some have been successful, but needed continual injections of cash. Others sucked so many hours out of the day it was harder than full-time work. Until she found the HB Vitality team, Joy was ready to give up dreams of a residual income. Offline, Joy is actively involved with family businesses. For fun she enjoys line-dancing and reading. She lives in the beautiful city of Norwich in the UK.

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