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The Health Benefits of Cypress

The Health Benefits of Cypress

Historically, Cypress essential oil has been used for a number of purposes, from healing open wounds to relaxing the mind to soothing inflammation and more. Its use in aromatherapy is becoming more and more common since this organic remedy doesn’t pose any side effects and, at the same time, offers a host of benefits.

How is it obtained?

The Cypress tree is native to the Mediterranean and Asian regions. This evergreen plant has rich, green leaves, small flowers, and cones and can be quite tall. The oil is extracted from the twigs and needles of the plant through different methods, the most common one being through distillation.

When Was Cypress Essential Oil First Used?

The use of Cypress oil first came about during the time of the Ancient Greeks when the Greek physician, Hippocrates, added it to his bath to improve his circulatory system. Apart from that, the Cypress tree historically holds great importance for the Greeks, who used the bark of the tree to carve statues.

The tree has also been linked to Ancient Egypt, where it was used as a raw material for coffin-making.

The Health Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil

Can be used to Treat Wounds

Cypress essential oil has a high camphene content which has been found to contain antiseptic properties and is a known remedy for treating open wounds and preventing them from getting infected.

The plant also contains antispasmodic properties that can be used to treat cramps, spasms, and other body pains.

Improves Blood Circulation

Hemostasis is a term used to describe the process which prevents blood from leaking out of a damaged blood vessel. Cypress has the properties to stop this flow of blood and encourage clotting to prevent excessive blood flow. It also has styptic properties and can be used on open wounds to stop the flow of blood.

Helps with Respiratory Problems

Cypress oil can be used to improve your respiratory system. It contains certain properties that help extract the sputum (the saliva produced during a cough or other such ailments and contains mucus) from your air passages to clear the congestion and allow you to breathe more easily.

Regular usage of cypress essential oil can also strengthen your respiratory system and improve your lung capacity over time.

Reduces Stress

Whether it’s your job, relationship, education, or more, stress is pretty much a part of everyone’s lives. The use of Cypress can make you feel relaxed and have a slight sedative effect to ease tension. It can be used to control anxiety and even depression and is associated with improving your mood and stimulating joy.

Removes Toxins from the Body

Sometimes, our body doesn’t work well enough to eliminate the harmful toxins in our body, which can then build up into large impurities and cause illnesses. The system that removes these toxins is known as the lymphatic system, and Cypress has the properties to boost drainage in this system to detox and cleanse your body.

Cleans Your Skin at a Deeper Level

Even if you use facial cleansers and moisturizers, many of them are only useful at removing surface impurities. Cypress essential oil cleans your skin out thoroughly and removes dirt and oil accumulated in your pores. This allows fresh air to get to your skin and prevents sebum production, which is known to be the precursor of an acne breakout. If you’re treating your skin, you may even combine it with other oils like Tea Tree oil which soaks up excess oil on the skin, sage, and more.

Acts As a Natural Skin Toner

The purpose of a toner is to remove residue and impurities from the skin and balance out the pH level, but many processed toners often strip your skin of valuable nutrients. Cypress essential oil is a natural toner and balances out your complexion. It also tightens your skin, keeping it smooth and supple. Combined with other essential oils like lavender, it may even be used to combat signs of aging.

Find the Right Cypress Essential Oil

The important thing is to find the right brand of Cypress Essential Oil to derive all these benefits without harming your health. HB Naturals Cypress Essential Oil is made using organic, natural ingredients, and can be used for anything, from healing joint or muscle pain, to boosting your respiratory system to giving your fresh, youthful skin. 


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