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The importance of SLEEP and your HEALTH

The importance of SLEEP and your HEALTH

Sleep is one of the main essentials of human beings. We cannot survive without sleep. Sleep is necessary to function at work, school, home etc. It is recommended that a person gets at least 6 hours or more of uninterrupted sleep per day. Not getting enough sleep can affect relationships, job performance, cognitive thinking, concentration, and more. 

Here are a few things that Sleep does:

Sleep helps your body heal itself– Your immune system plays a vital role in the body healing itself. Without sleep the immune system is lowered. When the body is at rest, the organs take a break. They take a couple hours to rejuvenate itself. This is apart of the bodies daily routine. If this routine is disrupted, sickness can present itself in the body; when all that was needed was sleep. 

Sleep can affect your weight- Obesity is linked to lack of sleep. The less sleep that you get the harder it is to lose weight. It makes you too tired to exercise. According to, sleep deprivation makes you reach for more comfort foods. Foods such as chips, candy, and cake will all become more appealing because your focus and insulin levels are off. Insulin also rises when you don’t sleep

Sleep can affect your heart– Getting too much sleep can cause heart disease and strokes, and also not getting enough sleep can cause heart disease and strokes. So how much sleep should you get per day? Over 6 hours is what is recommended by Getting enough sleep helps your heart work less, brings your blood pressure and heart rate down.

Sleep can affect your lifespan–  It is said that those that get proper rest live longer. 

Sleep affects your brain– Not getting enough rest can affect your creativity. Studies have shown that concentration is affected. It can affect your long term and short term memory.

Sleep effects inflammation in the body – when the body is not rested, it doesn’t give the organs a chance to take a break; therefore inflammation occurs.

Sleep can affect your blood sugar– It can make you more insulin resistant. This can lead to diabetes.

Sleep lowers stress levels– Without enough rest anxiety is higher, and depression appears. 

What helps you sleep better?

  1. Exercise– Do this activity in the morning or early evening, not to disrupt your night time sleep. Working out gets you tired and helps to bring about sleep naturally. If you have ever wanted more sleep, just work out and you will see the difference. 
  1. Diet– Don’t eat too late. When you eat too late your body is trying to process and digest food. It is still working, and that will keep you up. There are certain foods that help with sleep. Foods that contain tryptophan such as: honey, eggs, nuts. Also protein such as: Fish, Chicken, yogurt, and whole grains. 
  1. Supplements– HB Naturals Sleep Lotion is the perfect supplement. This supplement has the powerful mineral Magnesium. It promotes a soothing, relaxing restful sleep. Maybe you don’t have the time to alter your diet, but you do have time to put on lotion at night. This Sleep lotion is so easy to apply. If you would like to get this amazing product. Click the link below to set up your Free wholesale account.
  1. Taking a hot shower or bath– This is very relaxing, and helps you unwind. Do this about an hour and a half before bedtime. 

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By Krystle Depass Lynch

Krystle Lynch is a Wife, and Stay at home mom. She found out about Heart and Body Naturals through a friend. She has been actively trying to find products that would help her lose weight, and regulate her blood pressure. When she started taking Hb naturals products she lost 21 pounds in a few weeks, reduced her blood pressure medication in half. Now she is on a mission to help others feel better in their bodies and gain financial success. She believes heart and body naturals is what will help you gain freedom from pharmaceutical pills and freedom in your finances.

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