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Trying to Convince Someone to Join an MLM Company? STOP!

Trying to Convince Someone to Join an MLM Company? STOP!

Sadly if you’re at the stage of trying to convince someone to join an MLM company, it may mean you’re with the wrong company.

Sorry to be so blunt, but please hear me out before you expend more stress on that company.

How can I say that when I don’t even know what company you’re with?

Easily – because I have been where you are right now.

I know exactly what you’re going through because I’ve followed the same path (and more than once, I have to confess).

  • I’ve got excited
  • I’ve researched the company background – it’s rock-solid
  • Love the quality of the products – they’re unique, amazing technology, super testimonials on site
  • Know exactly who in my family and friends should be using them….

Err…. And there’s the first stumbling block.

Make a List of Family and Friends to Invite to Your MLM….

Noooo… (That’s so 1980s.)

Whatever your sponsor tells you, you know you don’t want to do that. And your family most certainly don’t want you to do it (particularly if it’s your umpteenth MLM).

Let me tell you a story.

When I first learned about MLM it was at a ‘Burglar Alarm MLM Presentation’ – “Brand new company, get in at the start”.

Stop laughing!

With hindsight I can see every reason why that was doomed to failure. (Moving parts, no repeat product, I have no accreditation to install such a product…)

But it was the MLM METHOD I was sold on – not the product .

  • Get two
  • Who get two
  • Who get two
  • Down a few levels and bingo, you’re rich!

It sounded SO good (and still does). But it’s never happened for me, and I bet it’s never happened for you either.

Traditional MLM Team Building Training

Back to my story….

This venture was “way back when”, before the Internet was well known. So I started ringing round my list of Family and Friends who would be (apparently) itching to help me become wealthy – and, of course, to be wealthy themselves by duplicating this amazing business.

I started with my sister, and bless her heart she bought one, and it wasn’t cheap. But she followed it up with: “No thanks, I most certainly don’t want to sell burglar alarms, and I can’t IMAGINE why you would either.” (In all honesty who would?)

So she placed it on her sideboard where it functioned for about 2 weeks, then broke the day after the company also collapsed in tatters. Hmmm – for months she left it on the sideboard blinking balefully at me every time I went round to remind me: “Never mention one of these ‘schemes’ to me again”.

So I learned that…

There Are Two Types of People

  • The few people who love the MLM method of doing business – like me
  • The vast majority of the population who will NEVER ‘get’ it – will do everything to protect me from it, and would rather buy at retail than buy at wholesale, and would never dream of building a business of their own.

Just avoid the latter group, well-meaning as many of them are. They will only lower your self-confidence and belief in the method, the product and the company.

After Family and Friends, Try Random Strangers

So, the family and friends have rapidly deflated you. But your sponsor has another helpful strategy up his sleeve.

The 3-foot rule. Tell anyone ‘within 3 feet of you’ about your amazing products and business. (Social-distancing extends this to a six-foot rule!)

If you don’t get locked up for harassing total strangers, you will quickly realise that this is probably even less fruitful than the family and friends method.

When was the last time you went into a shopping mall and decided to buy from a total stranger, however chatty and friendly, instead of from the till attendant? Or might you have been persuaded to accompany them to ‘a hotel’ to meet a friend? Aaaagh! No thanks!

What Does Google Suggest?

Beyond the traditional methods above (Create a list… an article from 2013) brain-storming a title for this article gave me a flavour of how Network Marketing Team Building is regarded…

  • Presentation – who me?
  • Introduce – slip into conversation obliquely
  • Craft
  • Techniques
  • Pitch
  • Tricks
  • Convince
  • Persuade

These terms don’t really make it sound as if you’re offering someone the life-changing opportunity your sponsor ‘sold you on’ (another enticing phrase – not).

Network Marketing Training Courses

And right there on the top pages of Google are the paid adverts for MLM Training Courses, starting from just a few dollars – one-off, then leading to monthly courses, and ranging right up to fully blown events you might even fly to so that you can attend. And wonderful I’m sure they are – but will the excitement last in the cold light of day when your partner sees the credit card bill and you realise you have to sell another 100 pots of xyz to cover the cost of the rah-rah training that you haven’t had time to implement?

The cost of paid adverts to get to the top of page 1 of Google aren’t cheap, so what they’re selling won’t be cheap either.

Anyway… if MLM is so ‘easy’ why do people need to buy a course that costs more the the business itself?

Your new prospect, keen to ‘make money’ is hardly going to be impressed when asked to ‘spend money‘ on training courses.

Spending money on training puts the possibility of ‘break-even’ point ever further away.

Building Your MLM Team on Social Media

OK, it’s 2020 right now and it’s (allegedly) become acceptable to ‘pitch’ people to join your business on social media. So there you are enjoying cat videos, and up pops messenger – your ‘Facebook Friend’ (the 2020 term for Random Stranger).

Hi Dear, What’s the weather like where you are? Who do you know who would benefit from my amazing product?

Me: Block.

Next cat video please.

That went well !

A Better Way to Build a Network Marketing Team

Wouldn’t it be better if:

  • MLM junkies (like me) came looking for you, eager to join your business
  • You were found by people with problems your products can help
  • You are working with a team of people all committed to your success, and helping you build your team
  • Using free training and tools that show you to achieve this and come as part of the package

Well…. It sounds good.

In fact it IS good.

Despite loving the Network Marketing method, I had failed so many times that I had completely closed my mind to the thought of EVER joining another product based MLM. I’d bought and enjoyed a few ‘amazing products, at wholesale’ but I hadn’t made the slightest attempt to ‘share’ the product or the business.

No more MLM rejection for me!

So no-one is more amazed than I am to find myself in this team, having seen an email from a friend with an irresistible idea. He sent the email – I missed it first time – but when I understood how this would work I was the one chasing HIM to join the business.

Click here to listen to a short video explaining a better way to build a network marketing team.

Will It Build My Network Marketing Team Fast and Easily?

Probably not, being 100% honest.

But, is your existing (or previous) MLM team building happening ‘fast and easily’?

Some ‘work’ is involved. (Well, it IS a business – not a charity.)

But it’s work that you can do from home, in your own time, and it’s NOT pitching people. Although one or two people have already come to me and asked what this ‘new method’ is.

Will The System Work With Every Network Marketing Company?

Definitely not – which is why I said right at the start that you may be with the wrong company.

But don’t despair – you can open a free account with our team, have a look at the free training units in our group and see what you think. You may even learn something from the free training that you can apply to your existing company!

You may even find a low-priced product to improve your own health and well-being.

There’s no pressure, no shaming if you don’t want to ‘Go All In’ as I’ve seen in other ventures. (I don’t think we even have an option to do that!)

We just encourage you to have a look round the product website, the training and the support group.

Click HERE to learn more about this very different MLM team building approach.

Stop trying to convince someone to join an MLM company – let them convince you they’re worthy of joining your team.

By Joy Healey

Joy Healey has been looking to build an extra retirement income online for several years now. She has tried more methods than she'd like to admit. Some have been total failures. Some have been successful, but needed continual injections of cash. Others sucked so many hours out of the day it was harder than full-time work. Until she found the HB Vitality team, Joy was ready to give up dreams of a residual income. Offline, Joy is actively involved with family businesses. For fun she enjoys line-dancing and reading. She lives in the beautiful city of Norwich in the UK.

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