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A Review on Joining the HB Naturals Community

A Review on Joining the HB Naturals Community

HB Naturals is an organization that is involved in network marketing and specializes in health products for the heart and the body. With authentic, organic products, a solid plan and a strong marketing system, including a well-designed affiliate marketing plan, the HB Naturals Community has much to offer.

HB Naturals is involved in direct selling, which is through social media, emails, and events. As a member, you need to adopt strategies like gift card offers, product demo, and more to get regular order placements.

Read on as we look at what HB Naturals offers, their compensation system, marketing strategies, and more.

HB Naturals Product Range

HB Naturals has an impressive product range, including skin care products, essential oil, health supplements, coffee, pet care items, and more. Everything is focused on synergistic healing, and all products are sold with a 60-day return option. The organic range of products includes a number of items, including mineral-infused lotions, etc.

HB Naturals Compensation Plan

The HB Naturals compensation plan is quite diverse- customers or distributors who wish to be paid for individual transfers can opt for it instead of collective weekly or monthly payments. HB Naturals is particularly great for people who don’t have the room in their budget to pay the startup cost. By joining, they can benefit from a 50% instant commission on retail selling and a 20% commission on wholesaling.

You can choose different payment plans where you receive different amounts of money at different time periods. This MLM Company works on an excellent system whereby once you make a sale, your commission will be deposited into your account within an hour or two.

HB Naturals Marketing

As a member of the community, all you really need to do is to get people to visit your page and enter their name and credentials. From here on, HB Naturals has an automated marketing system in place. Once people get to the website, they’ll find that it is pretty easy to navigate, and all products come with details on their active ingredients so that people can make informed decisions.

HB Naturals Training

HB Naturals has a training program in place through Facebook, where they provide training for managing customer traffic and product testimonials. Through a number of their training websites, you can get them to address any queries you might have regarding their products or business plan.

HB Naturals Membership Rewards Program

As a reward for being a part of the community, HB Naturals offers 5-30% of what you order as reward points, which can later be redeemed for product purchases (kind of like frequent flyer miles).

HB Naturals Reasonable Shipping Rates

No matter what your order is, HB Naturals charges a minimum shipping cost within the States and a little more for international shipment. This means that no matter where you are in the world and how much you’re ordering, shipping costs won’t make you empty out your cart.

HB Naturals Profit Sharing

Anyone who is a part of the HB Naturals community can get weekly payouts based on their downline size, individual and overall orders, even if you’re not sponsoring anyone on your own.

HB Naturals Global Reach

HB Naturals caters to around 120 countries across the globe, which means that if you’re in any of these countries, you’re eligible to be a part of the community and make money as a member of this MLM Company.


The HB Naturals community has a tier system whereby as you progress in the ranks, you can earn significantly higher commissions and expand your affiliate team. If you’re a part of the team for a little over a year, you can earn commissions of up to 30%.

One thing to note is that while you don’t need to pay a membership fee, as a member, you will need to stock up on inventory given the nature of the business, so make sure to rely on the program only as far as you can spend on stocking up.

As you rank higher in the compensation plan, you even open up the gates to earning bonuses. You can also earn bonuses by adding more members to your team, individual orders, and members who buy the HB Naturals products wholesale.


Hi my name is Todd Raymer and I have been around Organic Health Products and Network Marketing for most of my long life ;). I enjoy learning and writing about what mother nature offers up all around us. The healing characteristics of plants and minerals can not be under estimated. I hope you enjoy the articles, HB Naturals offers the purest forms of Organic Health Products that I have ever experienced. Give them a try. Thanks for Reading Todd

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