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Does You Upline Sponsor Place People Into Your MLM Business? Mine Does!

Does You Upline Sponsor Place People Into Your MLM Business? Mine Does!

Unfortunately, for most this will never happen. Many sponsors don’t believe that they should help out downline members. There is a fair amount of chatter in the network marketing sector about whether as a sponsor you should put people into you teams downline.

Some say that if they’re good at personally sponsoring people why should they sponsor for others?

Well it could help with duplication and it could also create huge motivation and lead to team growth at a quicker rate.

The theory is that by doing the work for someone and getting them a check for doing nothing, they’ll be super motivated to go out and produce.

Unfortunately I would say for most, this just won’t work.

Each and every time I’ve seen this “give to the needy” strategy put in place – it fails.

There are exceptions on giving away personal recruits, which my team implements and I’ll share in just a moment. However I do agree that as a general rule you shouldn’t give away your personal recruits to your downline!

If you want a team filled with beggars looking for handouts, give away personal recruits to people who do nothing. You’ll then sow what you reap.

So John, what’s the exception I hear you ask…

Well, I’m glad you asked because I have the answer…

It’s the strategy we use at the HB Vitality Team Build!

Firstly we don’t give to the needy.

But we do give to our GREEDY members…. Greedy? Greedy for what?

Greedy for success.

They’re greedy for success and committed to it. They are working. They are active. They are turning up for trainings. They are being supportive of others. They are buying product!

They have “Skin in the game”

I think you get the idea.

So what do we do at HB Vitality?

We work with greedy network marketers. We support and train them. We expect a certain amount of their “Skin in the game” and when they commit to this we reward them.

We reward them by placing them onto our UNIQUE TEAM ROTATOR that places people DIRECTLY INTO THIER DOWNLINES FOR THEM.

Yes, we give away our teams personal sign ups.

Listen, life’s to short. Make sure you’re choosing to work with those you enjoy working with. Who’ll train you, develop you, encourage you and reward you. By joining HB Vitality you’ll be doing exactly that.

No signup costs. Just join the team, look around, put your Skin in the game, and be rewarded.


By John Botting

Hello and thanks for looking at my blog article. My name is John Botting from England, UK. I'm a long time network marketer with over 30 years of being in the industry. My story of finding HB Naturals started with me searching online for a good quality CBD product at a reasonable price and stumbling across a video introducing HB Naturals and a team called HB Vitality. Anyhow after doing my research, I liked what I saw about the 1000mg CBD product, the CBD quantity per serving, and the price I decided to order straight away and become a wholesale customer by joining up for free. When I checked out the HB Vitality team build and team rotator system where people are put into your downline, plus all the free training and support. And then the HB Naturals compensation plan I knew I had to get involved. In my 30+ years of being in this industry, I can honestly say I have never seen a team as professional as HB Vitality and I'm very confident of the future now. Make sure you join us!

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