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Telling my family about my network marketing business

Telling my family about my network marketing business

I no longer have to worry about telling my family about my network marketing business! Neither do you, when you join one particular team within a fast-expanding company.

My current network marketing business (MLM) isn’t my first unfortunately, but it will certainly be the last one I join, because the team I’m working with has solved the biggest headache for any would-be network marketer. And that has always been:

How to introduce your family to your network marketing business?

Does this sound familiar? You listen to an exciting presentation about a network marketing company. Here’s what excites you:

  • A well-established company – (start-up companies have a big red flag for me after previous let-downs)
  • Amazing products, and a wide range to choose from
  • Generous and fair compensation plan
  • “Work from home with no need to hold stock” are a ‘given’ in these days of online network marketing
  • Head office handle the despatch and customer service
  • They can deliver to most countries of the world
  • Your get your own shop front – in fact in this company you get one for humans << click link and a pet products shop << click link.  

It all sounds brilliant…. Until the presenter starts telling you that, to make money online, “All you have to do” is introduce three people, who find three people, etc. etc.

And you go cold, because you’ve ‘been there, done that’ and you know darned well that you have an appalling record of recruiting.

But the enthusiastic presenter assures you that your family will want to support you in your new venture!

Should My Family Join My Network Marketing Business?

My previous experience tells me an emphatic NO!

  • I recruited my sister into an early start-up, and sold her a burglar alarm. (Don’t even ASK why I imagined either of us could sell burglar alarms.) The blasted thing broke down the day the company folded. She left it blinking on the sideboard for months to remind me never to recruit her into another MLM.
  • I was involved with a very successful online business that was earning me a lot of money (four figures each month) – as long as I could maintain a certain number of active distributors. So as most of my team kept dropping out when they couldn’t achieve the target, my poor Mum and Dad were propping up the business for me by taking (and paying into) positions. Fortunately for everyone the business was taken over by another company who dropped the MLM model as they saw how few people could recruit effectively.

My son, who is overall very supportive of my business ventures watched all this with growing suspicion of the network marketing model. He saw how many times I had been let down by the facts that (a) I couldn’t recruit and (b) those I recruited couldn’t recruit.

The unspoken deal was that I would never do that again!

But just yesterday I found myself…

Telling My Son about My Network Marketing Business

We were out for lunch and he asked me what business ventures I was working on – he knows there’s always a ‘work from home’ business on the go, to supplement my retirement income.

I told him I was working with an amazing team writing articles or using short videos to promote health and wellness products. He looked shiftily around the restaurant and actually whispered “You’re not going to be trying to recruit people are you?” As if I’d told him I was planning a bank robbery! And I knew he meant – “Don’t try to recruit ME”.

Happily I was able to reassure him that the team I’m working with has a brilliant way of working, such that we write on an authority website and when people search for a new network marketing company, or a solution to a health and wellness problem, there is an ever increasing chance that they’ll find our articles, containing our own affiliate links.

I told him the results I’d achieved so far (in just a month) and he was impressed. I could also see the relief that I wasn’t going to be telling my family about my network marketing business and trying to recruit them.

Looking For Network Marketing With No Sponsoring?

Well, that sums me up 100%.

If you love MLM but hate recruiting, please spare a few minutes to watch a short video (CLICK HERE) showing you how our team operates. Then, to see for yourself how fast our team is growing, join the Facebook group and take the free training where you can get your questions answered.

Looking back on my years in part-time business, network marketing is the only way I have ever made significant amounts of money. But the downside has always been that I (and most people I sponsored) can’t recruit, and don’t want to recruit.

Now, when you tell your family about your network marketing business, you can do it with the confidence that you don’t have to try and convince them to join.

Sounds too good to be true? Not this time – watch this short video (CLICK HERE) and see for yourself.

By Joy Healey

Joy Healey has been looking to build an extra retirement income online for several years now. She has tried more methods than she'd like to admit. Some have been total failures. Some have been successful, but needed continual injections of cash. Others sucked so many hours out of the day it was harder than full-time work. Until she found the HB Vitality team, Joy was ready to give up dreams of a residual income. Offline, Joy is actively involved with family businesses. For fun she enjoys line-dancing and reading. She lives in the beautiful city of Norwich in the UK.

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