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Getting Paid with HB Naturals

Getting Paid with HB Naturals

I knew when I signed up with HB Naturals that it was a really great company to sign up with. The products are phenomenal, but I had no idea that you could get paid seven different ways!! The first time I made money from the matrix, I didn’t know what it was and why I was getting extra money when I had no sales yet. 

In this article we’re going to talk about the seven different ways that you can get paid with HB Naturals.

Retail Sales

The first way you can get paid with HB Naturals is by selling the products. With the HB vitality team, we encourage our team not to sell to family and friends. So how are we making money with retail sales? Easy. We share the products online through our website and on YouTube. We do this by creating articles and videos and sharing our experience with the products. HB Naturals pays you 50% commission on the volume of your retail sales!! Imagine that!! When I began with my first network marketing company, I had to sell $2000 before I could reach my first goal and get 20% commission. 

Retail Sales are great but I always encourage my customers to sign up for their free membership so they can get a discount by becoming a wholesale customer. That brings us to the next way you get paid with HB Naturals.

Fast Start Bonus

When someone signs up as a wholesale customer, you get 20% of their sales for the first three months that they have signed up with HB Naturals. Although they might not be interested in the business, and are only looking to use the products, they will start making a little bit of money off the matrix and this might encourage them to make a business out of it. 

When you have two customers that have purchased $100 of personal volume each, one on your left leg and one on the right leg, you are now eligible for the star bonus. Let’s talk about that!!

Star Bonus

We have two separate customers with $100 of personal volume each, one on your left leg and one on your right leg; and you have purchased $100 of personal volume, you now are eligible for the star bonus. At this point, you can get $50, $75, and $100!! This is where you can really start making money! Oh, by the way, you can build as many Star Bonuses that you want!!


HB Naturals is the only company offering an all-in-one Matrix & Binary opportunity. Earn both bonuses at the same time on the same organization! When you have 25PV (Personal Volume), depending on your rank, you earn twenty-five cents up to $100 per 50PV order placed below you, regardless of who signed the members up and put them below you. What makes this bonus so powerful is the Dynamic Compression. The Matrix compresses up, skipping over those not qualified, and pays the Matrix Bonus to all qualified members!


The Binary Compensation pays you when your team has $200 volume on each side. Yes, you’ll get paid again!! Even if you did not recruit them personally!! Not only do you earn the Matrix Bonus on your binary team. But you are also paid up to 12% on your pay leg, and it is paid to you instantly, as soon as you have 200 CV in one leg and 200 CV on the other.

Binary Match

So now your team is earning Binary Commissions, you are now eligible for the Binary Match! Bronze (and above) Consultants can qualify to earn a check match of the Binary Commissions on Executive Consultants in their enrollment tree, up to 7 Generations deep, with no limit to the number of checks you can match!

Rank Advancement Bonus

Rank Advancement Bonuses are paid in 10 month increments and you can earn up to $190,000 after achieving Pearl Consultation (or above)!! As your business grows and you reach the rank of Pearl, you qualify for the guaranteed-income Rank Advancement Bonus, when rank is maintained! 

If you are ready to join the HB Vitality Team, where you can get onto the Team Rotator and grow your team, please click on the link below:

The Heart & Body Naturals (“HBN”) Incentive Plan is an exciting opportunity that rewards you for referring our products and for sponsoring other participants who do the same. Although the opportunity is unlimited, individual results will vary depending on market conditions, commitment levels, and sales skills of each participant. Since HBN has recently launched, it lacks enough statistical data to prepare reliable income disclosures.

By Veronica Valencia

Hi, my name is Veronica Valencia. I live in the great state of Texas and come from a huge Mexican American family. I get to homeschool my 5-year-old and work from home. I am part of the HB Vitality team with HB Naturals and love all of the organic, plant-based products. If you are considering working from home and are interested in joining the HB Vitality Team, please send me an email and let’s get you started.

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