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Growing your Downline on Auto Pilot

Growing your Downline on Auto Pilot

What does it mean to grow your downline on auto pilot?  To fully understand the concept let’s breakdown how traditional network marketers would go about building their downline.

The #1 way everyone teaches to start building your downline is to start with your friends and family.  Make a list of your aunts, uncles and cousins.  Then add in all your close family friends.   Work on setting up time with them to either give them your presentation one on one, or have a party or gathering at your home to pitch your new adventure.  Let’s face it, if you drop this on your family after inviting them over for BBQ half of them won’t show up the next time you invite them over.

Just because you believe you found the best Network Marketing company to work with does not mean everyone you know is going to see the same opportunity as you.   Family will want to see you succeed.  Therefore you might be able to get some to sign up and buy, but this would not do anything for your long term business goals.  Most of these purchases would be one time and that’s all.  This could also bring on some feelings of animosity toward you from some family members.

Let’s talk about the 3 foot rule.  Basically no matter where you are if you get within approximately 3 foot of anyone you should try and pitch them your idea.  As a business owner you should always have business cards in your pocket, so you break out a card and hand it to someone to break the ice.   With this concept you have to come up with a way to capture your new audience’s attention very quickly.  Some experts say you have less than 8 seconds before you have worn out your welcome with your new found prospect.  So let’s face it, you are trying to pitch your idea to complete strangers.  All of which have different personalities, thoughts, and feelings and you have less than 8 seconds to grab their attention to move your conversation to the next level.   Sounds fun right?   

Another popular option is drop cards.  Drop cards are a type of business card that is used to grab someone’s attention.   Some drop cards are made to look like money to entice people to pick them up.   Again you’re dealing with someone’s attention span.  So you need a catchy one liner on the card to get this new prospect to take action.  You can get very creative on places to drop cards.  You can leave them with your tip at a restaurant, leave them in books from the library as a book mark.  You could also leave them in magazines in the Dr’s office waiting room, plus many many other clever ways to get these in people’s hands.

In today’s fast paced society almost everyone goes to the internet when they want to buy something.  They search for it on Google or Bing.  So why spend all your time and energy trying to recruit and sell to people that have no interest in buying.  Why not put all that time into a plan that is proven to be successful.  Join me on the journey that I’m on.  Click the link below and see what all the fuss is about, and find out how you can finally enjoy some financial freedom.

By James Weber

Hi my name is James Weber. I love spending as much of my free time as possible with my wife Jaime and our 4 children. Financial Freedom will help me be able to spend more time and do more with my children for many years to come. I started this journey of Network Marketing with the HB Vitality Team because I couldn’t find the High quality products combined with the Team atmosphere and training that is the natural environment with HB Vitality. In my opinion these are the keys to success in any network marketing business if you are going to achieve Financial Freedom. Working with the HB Vitality Team I can see that happening in the very near future.

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