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How HB Naturals has helped me with Covid-19

How HB Naturals has helped me with Covid-19

As I sit here in my bed writing this blog, I am first grateful that I am making it through one of the hardest times in my life concerning my health. I am still recovering from Covid-19.  I must admit, when I got my positive results, all I could think about was getting back home so I could get in the bed. Fatigue, coughing, and fever had taken over, and all I could do was sleep. It wasn’t until three days later that I had my first visit to the ER. I Had no idea that I was dehydrated and was in the beginning stages of Pneumonia. After that trip, I thought I was starting to feel better, then the elephant on the chest decided to stick its head up. I could not take a deep breath to save my life, and as the day progressed it got worse. I took my second trip to the ER courtesy of the Newton County EMS. It was then that I got scared. I did not want to become a number added to the thousands of people who have lost their lives to this virus. They got me stable and diagnosed me with viral pneumonia as a result of Covid-19.

There really isn’t anything you can do except treat the symptoms of the cough and keep hydrated. The past 24 days have been a roller-coaster of good, not so good, bad, and very bad days. For some, 14 days isolated results in a negative test. For me, I am still positive due to the pneumonia and I really am not sure when this will end. After I started feeling better, I decided to reach for what I know-HB Naturals products. I had some Vitaltea, Mind and Body from the trilogy set, Black Seed Oil, and some of my essential oils. First, I made my Mind and Body tea and drank it, which felt good going down. I know that these two products help with inflammation, and pneumonia involves inflammation in the lungs. The Black Seed Oil helps with this too, so I started taking those drops. I believe that by taking these supplements it has helped with the symptoms I have developed.

HB Naturals does not claim to cure anything, but I do know as a user of these products it is helping me get through this horrible virus. I am blessed that I am making it through this because there are so many who didn’t. I am blessed that those who got sick who were close to me are doing much better and on the road to complete healing. Pleas take care of yourselves during this pandemic. Feel free to check out my site for product information, and if you are interested in becoming a part of the HB Vitality Team family, please visit

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By Heather Douglas Morrison

Heather Morrison loves helping others discover their true passion in life. With over 20 years of experience in the Workforce Development industry, Heather has seen how the lack of financial freedom and strategies have affected individuals and their families. As a mother of a special needs’ adult, Heather realized that pursuing this type of freedom will help benefit her and her son. She started this Networking Marketing Journey with the HB Vitality Team as a way to provide knowledge and support to people like her. She enjoys traveling and meeting new people and her motto is “if her health is right, and her travel life is right, then she will be alright”.

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