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How To Become A Dominant Force In Network Marketing

How To Become A Dominant Force In Network Marketing

The most powerful way I know to become a dominant force in network marketing is to become an “influencer” ….

Now be honest with me and yourself for a moment. 

If I hung around with you for awhile would I find you…

Struggling to enrol new people?

Not being able to get your engine revved up every day?  

Not knowing what to do? 

Frustrated with the things you are doing which are getting you nowhere? 

Avoiding getting out of your comfort zone and unable to make new decisions?

Listen Up!!! Here is the problem. Your new business can’t survive or grow without new people on your team! End Of! 

We’ve all been there, me included…

I’ve quit many times over wondering what was wrong with me…

I couldn’t understand why so many others “got it” and their success was constantly rubbed in my face every time I heard about other people in network marketing doing well.

And if you can relate, let’s be real for a second – it sucks.

It sucks because you believe in the products and the company – but it feels like there is a some wall between you and success…  

Let me ask you a question:

Are you sick of doing this all on your own? No system to follow? No guidance? 

Trust me – I know how that feels.

So – how do we solve this… and quickly?

I have the answer and it’s right here…

A practical “just do this and then do this” strategy you can follow and use right now to turn things around quickly for you and give yourself a boost of momentum and activity that will supercharge things for your future.

There are far more intelligent ways to enroll people than the stuff you’ve been trying up to now.

So, what is the missing piece?

What Does It Really Take To Enroll More People?

Well becoming a successful network marketer means becoming a successful leader. And that means you need to influence people so they believe in you enough to join you.

Becoming a leader all of a sudden will position you so people will want to do business with you. Your success in network marketing boils down to this one VERY powerful strategy:


Did you catch that? I said the perception of authority because it doesn’t even matter if it’s real authority or not. If people see you as an authority, you will get respect and admiration automatically!

If you follow through on OUR TEAM TRAINING you will learn the strategies that will position you as an authority in network marketing and a leader people will want to join. 

Does it happen overnight? Hell No!!!!! Does it take work? Hell Yeah!!!!! Will I need to commit to something and put time and effort in? Absolutely yes! 

Now it’s time to go on that adventure and play in the “big time” 

Click the link below and take a free tour of our team Facebook Group. We give you the tools, you just need to get physical and use them!!!! 

I look forward to working with you and seeing you in the Facebook group in the next 10 minutes or so. 

See you on the inside.


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By John Botting

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