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Network Marketing in Today’s Busy Society

Network Marketing in Today’s Busy Society

Let’s face it, in today’s society people are busier than they have ever been.  Time seems to go by faster than ever before and people are constantly on the move.  People don’t spend time with family like they used to and a lot of people don’t even know who their neighbors are.  People have ‘Friends’ on Facebook that they have never met in person and probably never will.  People have followers on Instagram that simply likes the pictures that are posted.  People interact with each other far differently than they did before the 2000’s.

Even the way we shop for our clothing, groceries, and fast food has changed. We now can simply do our grocery shopping on our phones then go pick it up without even leaving our cars. The key is, we do everything online so why wouldn’t it make sense to recruit for Network Marketing online as well.  So where are the people that you want to be your audience?  Their online, they are all online.  So online is where you need to be so these people can find you. 

With traditional old school ways of doing network marketing you were always looking for people.  Now you want the people looking for you.  You want people that are actively looking for the products you’re promoting to find you.  You want the people that are looking for the great comp plan looking for you.  So how do we go about making it possible for all these people to find you?

The answer is for you to build your social currency.  When people are searching for a certain keyword, or a keyword phrase the search engines, whether it’s Google, Bing, YouTube, or any of the many others, the search engines are going to give the searcher the highest ranking content for the keyword.   If you are making videos on YouTube to promote your network marketing opportunity, the more videos you have the more social currency you have.  People interacting with your videos also helps build your social currency.  As you put out more videos people who like the information you are giving can subscribe to your YouTube Channel.  This also helps build social currency.

The next way to get your message in front of your target audience is blogging on a website, and not just any website.  It needs to be a website that the search engines have decided is worth ranking very high for the product that you are promoting.  Blogging on a website with this much ranking power will ensure that if people are searching for your chosen keyword there is a good chance they will easily come across the blog that you wrote.

If you think this approach will take a while before you see any results, you’re right.  It would take a while if you were doing this all on your own. 

What if you did this as part of a team?  A team that is dedicated to the same common goal of building social currency, not only for the individual, but for the whole team. 

A team going thru this process together would be able to build tons of social currency in a short amount of time.  All this social currency combined with a powerful website, the team would be unstoppable.

If you would like to find out more information on how to join the unstoppable team that I’m on click the link below.

By James Weber

Hi my name is James Weber. I love spending as much of my free time as possible with my wife Jaime and our 4 children. Financial Freedom will help me be able to spend more time and do more with my children for many years to come. I started this journey of Network Marketing with the HB Vitality Team because I couldn’t find the High quality products combined with the Team atmosphere and training that is the natural environment with HB Vitality. In my opinion these are the keys to success in any network marketing business if you are going to achieve Financial Freedom. Working with the HB Vitality Team I can see that happening in the very near future.

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