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The Secret of Success in Network Marketing No One Told You About

The Secret of Success in Network Marketing No One Told You About

You are finally going to understand the biggest Secret of Success in Network Marketing which allows you to create a massive downline on Auto-Pilot!  This is the secret all the top leaders never told you.  If you commit to doing this secret for 90 days, it is impossible not to get results!

Before you can understand ‘The Secret’, you have to understand what does NOT create success in Network Marketing.

The Myth of telling “Everyone”

In 2020, everyone has heard about Network Marketing.

Network Marketing is one of those things – Either you get it, or you don’t!

The truth is:  Most people just don’t get it!

But Still You:

  • Make lists of friends and family
  • Contact everyone you have met on Social Media
  • Talk to random strangers at the grocery store
  • Just Share with “Everyone”

Your goal is find someone who doesn’t Get It – 

and then try to convince them to “Get It!”

Not only does building a business this way suck, but it really doesn’t work that well!

Even if you get really good at it, it’s still really hard (and awkward) to do!

If you want to discover the Secret of Success in Network Marketing, you have to realize that just sharing your business with “Everyone” does not work…

The Myth of Connecting with other Network Marketers

I am a Network Marketer.  

Since the first time I heard about it when I was 14 years old – I loved it and wanted to be a part of it!!  

The goal is to work with other people like me!

People who want to sell products and recruit a downline!

Find other people who want to learn the secret of success in Network Marketing!

You go on social media and can easily connect with 100,000s of people who “Get It” – People who also love Network Marketing.

But what is the problem?  

Answer: they are already in a network marketing company they love!

Instead of joining your business, they are trying to pitch you on their business!!

So what Happens Next?!

You talked to “Everyone” and no one was interested…

Everyone on social media already has a business..

I decided Network Marketing just doesn’t work for me…

I went through that Cycle for 18 years..

I would join a new Network Marketing and get really excited.  I would share it with “Everyone” but no one would join…

After a couple months, I would get frustrated and quit..

Then a few months later, I would catch the ‘Network Marketing Bug’ again and go on the lookout for a new company to join..

I would join a new company and get super excited and start sharing with “Everyone”

This cycle went on and on and on…

Until I Discovered this Secret of Success in Network Marketing!

Realize, there are millions of people (just like me) who go on Google and YouTube searching for:

  • Network Marketing Products
  • Network Marketing Companies
  • Network Marketing Reviews
  • Network Marketing Trainings
  • Etc…

Instead of chasing Non-Believers, putting your message in front of people who “Get It” and are searching for it, allows you to make unlimited money!

This secret of success in Network Marketing creates your ability to generate incoming traffic, leads and sales on auto-pilot!

How to get rich in Network Marketing in 3 steps:

  1. Keywords:  Keywords are what people type into Google or YouTube when they are searching for something.  We follow a simple strategy to research keywords that are relevant to our company, products and Network Marketing.  We are looking for keywords that people are searching for and also that we can easily get ranked in the search engines.
  2. Create Content:  We create content about the Keywords we Researched.  Content can be a Blog Post or YouTube Video.  With 100,000s of keywords relating to Network Marketing Products, Companies, Trainings and Reviews – you can create unlimited content!  (This is what generates Massive Traffic!)
  3. Repeat:  Every piece of content you create is like creating a bridge to your success.  The more content you create, the more traffic you will generate which creates more leads and sales!  Once you have 90 Blog Posts and YouTube Videos all ranking in the search engines, people search for your keywords 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Recap the Secret of Success in Network Marketing:

Learn to generate incoming traffic of people who are searching for what you have to offer!

When you decide to commit 90-180 days creating content, it allows you to generate incoming Traffic, Leads and Sales for life!

If you want to earn Residual Income, you have to learn to market in a way that recruits people on Auto-Pilot!

How to Apply the Secret of Success in Network Marketing with our Team System

Our Team System:

  • The MLM Dojo:  This is the only training grounds for Financial Freedom Fighters.  With a step-by-step guide on how to find keywords and create content, your breakthrough is right around the corner!
  • The Team Blog:  Using our Team Authority Site to Blog, you can easily get your content ranked.  This gives the average person the opportunity to get massive results quickly.
  • The Team Rotator:  We get that it can take some time to build up your traffic, so you can earn access to ours while you build up yours!  Our team rotator actually places people under you while you build your traffic.  Truly a Win-Win!

If you are ready for your breakthrough in Network Marketing, you have to check out this team build:

People in Network Marketing are Craving a Marketing System and Team Build like this!  It is rare to find the opportunity we have right now.

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See you in the Facebook Group,

Daniel Jay

PS:  One of the Biggest Secret of Success in Network Marketing is:  There is no secret!  There is no instant path to success..  You have to put in the work to get the results!  Following a plan like this, allows you to get massive results!

By Daniel Jay

Hey There, I am Daniel Jay. If you have struggled in Network Marketing, realize that I have been here to! The 1st time I heard about Network Marketing, I was hooked! However, it seemed no matter what I did, I just couldn’t be successful! Network Marketing sounded like it would be a perfect fit for me. However, no matter what, I continued to fail! If you feel that same way, just by reading this blog you are already on your path to success. Learning and applying the skills we teach in our MLM Dojo allows you to create your breakthrough. Success is right around the corner when you learn the right way to market online. To Your Success, Daniel J.

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