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The Smartest Way to Market Your Home-Based Business

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Every business, big and small, needs to have a separate budget for pure marketing needs. If people don’t know about your product and brand, they can’t buy it. Marketing requires time, money, and lots of resources. Think of your home-based business in its earliest stages as a little sapling. It needs lots of nutrition, nurturing, watering, weeding, and more to flourish.

The same applies to your business. At the core is marketing. Start by knowing all about your market, its wants, needs, and how to entice them. You can achieve this with a multifaceted approach that uses words, graphics, and video. Once you have nailed your market’s preferences, use your knowledge and the following marketing ideas to promote your business.

1)  Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The three-lettered magic word that can do wonders for small businesses. It’s all about capturing the right keywords that customers frequently type on search engines to get closer to a product and service. The best thing about SEO is that it is completely free with no barriers to entry. You have to be consistent with your SEO strategy and choose the right keywords and phrase.

2) Be a Guest on a Blog or Show

Share your expertise and experiences with the audience at large through articles and interview. It is the easiest way to appear trustworthy, authoritative, and transparent. The more articles and interviews you appear in, the more chances you get to show off your expertise, and ultimately, your product. This also means that more people are likely to respond to your ad.

Guest appearances include both online and offline appearances. Print media and TV shows are often in need of experts and guests to generate new content. Getting an interview is not difficult; all you have to do is submit a media pitch that excites the host to extend their invitation to you.

3) Use Social Media Marketing

Beyond organic search traffic from Google and Bing, you can leverage social media to interact with your audience. Social media platforms are completely free to use and profiles are easily customizable. Make sure to claim the social media pages for your business before your competitor does. Social media lets you share information, promotions, and communicate with your consumers.

The more responsive you are with people who leave comments and messages, the more trustworthy you appear.

4) Speak at a Public Forum

The best way to build credibility is by popping up frequently in public forums. This is because consumers want to feel they’re working with an honest business. You can demonstrate these traits by speaking and teaching in a public forum. Making appearances might just earn you some cash on the side. The best way to learn public forums near you is by contacting local groups and letting them know you’re interesting.

5) Consider Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you partner up with another business that promotes your product and service in exchange for a percentage of sales proceeds from each sale facilitated. Affiliate programs allow you to have as many partners as are willing to promote your product and service. You will need to invest in an affiliate system to find affiliates.

6) Offer Free Samples

Everyone loves a freebie. Many new businesses start with free subscriptions to a product or service, even a free newsletter would do just fine. The best freebie is a free product, course, or service. This will allow people to test your product or service, and if they’re satisfied, they’ll be willing to pay.

7) Buy Google and Bing Ads

The easiest way to put the word out among interested buyers is through Google and Bing Ads. You ads budget depends on the specific keyword or phrase and the bid range for it. If the keyword is prohibitively competitive, you can choose a lower-ranking keyword. Don’t just go for high search volume, look for keywords that paying customers use to search for products/services on Google.

You will need a budget of at least $500 to $1000 to get meaningful traffic flowing in. Make sure you have an attractive landing page with all the bells and whistles needed to impress leads as they visit your website. You can also buy social media ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

8) Focus on a Single Product

When you’re first starting, it’s best to put all your eggs in one basket. Focus on that one product or service you’re particularly good at. Relentlessly promote it using the above-mentioned strategies and once you have money flowing in, branch out to related services.

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