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Tips for Generating More Leads Through Your Home Business’s Website

Tips for Generating More Leads Through Your Home Business’s Website

If you are trying to get a home business off the ground, then you probably know that your website is one of the most valuable assets that you can build. It is where your customers will get the first impression of your company. Making that impression a good one requires dedication on your part to master a few simple details, but the reward will be many more leads that you can turn into loyal customers who, in turn, will tell their friends about your great business.

Good Website Design

Podium teaches that your website design should be easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and contain a clear call to action in order to help you gain new clients rather than turn people away. It is your podium, and it represents you to the world. You only have a few brief seconds to make a positive first impression. During that time, you can either start building a loyal relationship or send your potential customers fleeing to the competition. Getting these elements right in the beginning is also essential as you create a more complicated website as they provide the foundation on which everything else is constructed.

Install Live Chat

Regardless of how hard you try to make everything clear, some customers will inevitably have questions. Therefore, you need to install live chat so that customers can quickly get the information that they need. Depending on the complexity of the question, live chat experts can handle up to six chats at one time. Customers love live chat if they have issues with your company because answers can be given more quickly. According to Forbes, even when customers receive a product that they feel is inferior, they will still give your company a great review if they have received top-notch customer service. Live chat is a crucial element of providing outstanding service.

Always Include Contact Information

In addition to live chat, you should provide customers with multiple ways to reach your company. You need to display contact information on each page of your website prominently. You can put it at the top of the page, in a footer at the bottom or in a sidebar. You may also want to consider adding a contact form on your website and linking to it from your homepage. Your company’s About page should also have your contact information. You may also want to put one at the end of each blog post that you create. Make sure that your contact information is consistent across the internet as Google may use this as a sign of your expertise, authority and trustworthiness.

Use the F Pattern

99Designs teaches that when your potential customer looks at your website, they do so in an F pattern. Therefore, you should identify the most critical information on each page and put it somewhere along the lines of a capital letter F. You should place at least one-call to action along the lines of the F. If you don’t follow this format, there is a good chance your most important information will get skipped by visitors.

Connect With Images

While content will always be king, you should also be connecting with your target audience through images. Undullify suggests that for each image, make sure that you have optimized the file size so that your website will not load slowly. Carefully choosing your main image for each page is essential because it is what will display if a customer shares the page on their social media feed. Use photos that are either horizontally or vertically orientated, but do not mix the two on the same web page. Think about the emotional message that the image gives off. Staying within the same color group can help make a page look more put together. People connect better with people who look like them, so if you are in the health market, try using images of healthy, happy people.

Employ a Variety of Content Types

You should use a variety of content types on your website so that you connect with viewers that learn best in different ways. When creating video content, make sure that you are working with a professional so that your video looks top notch. You may want to post it to YouTube and then embed the link on your website. When you are creating written content, make sure that you break up the content with subheadings and images frequently since people who use the internet are more likely to skim your content than read every word.

If you master these basics, you’ll be well on your way to generating more leads through your website. You will see your company’s return on investment grow as you show each customer that you have a quality product at a reasonable price that is backed by outstanding customer service. Getting these essential website elements right in the beginning is a great place to start because it allows you to expand your website as your business grows. These elements will leave a positive impression with your potential customers so that they will come back often.

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