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16 Ways for Building Financial Wealth

16 Ways for Building Financial Wealth

Everyone wants to be wealthy, but most of us do not have anyone to guide us down this road. Even if we stumble upon a mentor, most of us may think it’s a scam. Most of us have beliefs that keep us struggling financially; “the more I can save the richer I will become”; “building good credit is more important than how I use it”; “if I stay with my job for 10 years I will be rich”; “the rich are greedy and take advantage of others”; “I am not smart enough to be rich”; “if I work hard for my boss I will be greatly rewarded”; “I would have to work non-stop to become rich”; “I have to give up what I love to become rich”.

All of these beliefs are true from a certain perspective, namely yours! Most of these negative beliefs have been forced on us as children and are constantly reinforced by friends, family, news and even sitcoms. Personal, deep-seeded beliefs are what separates the top 10% from the bottom 90% in this country. Below are some ways to think about every day in order to replace those negative beliefs:

  1. I only use credit for my business and investments.
  2. I buy toys (even new cars) when I have the CASH to pay for them.
  3. Every penny in the bank is stagnant.
  4. Every penny put in my home business will multiply exponentially.
  5. I learn more from failure than success.
  6. The more failures I have, the closer I am to success.
  7. Money “left over” is more important than “how much I make”.
  8. I minimize expenses to increase cash flow.
  9. My job/career will make others wealthy, not me.
  10. I always put customers success before my own; generosity= wealth
  11. My passions fuel my business and money will follow.
  12. My mind is my greatest obstacle.
  13. I expand my mind to reach lofty goals (write them down).
  14. I will research books and the internet to improve my business and investments.
  15. I can be whoever I want to be.
  16. Money is easy to find.

    Most people will strongly resist and even feel offended by these new beliefs. Many quickly start thinking of reasons for defending their current situation even before they finish reading each way. Of course, this defensive response is why very few of us become rich.

    Excuses are easier to find then solutions. Immense changes in how we define ourselves is required. Many of the wealthy got to where they are because they faced such desperate situations, i.e. homelessness, that they were forced to completely change their perceptions of themselves and life in general.

    A false sense of security in your job is your greatest obstacle, but if you consciously take hold of these ideas every day until you finally can accept them, you will start changing your belief system about wealth.

    Most importantly, every day think of realistic ways that you can apply each mantra to your life and life goals.

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