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4 Tips to Stay Prudent and Productive When Working From Home

4 Tips to Stay Prudent and Productive When Working From Home

You probably gave it a lot of thought before deciding to work from home. On the other hand, maybe it was thrust upon you overnight. Either way, there are some ways to make this change more successful for you.

Create a To-Do List

Prioritize your tasks for the day. Write them down or type the list into your phone or computer. Whichever you prefer, put it into a form you can refer to, and mark off items as you complete each one. Add a new job when one comes up. If you really like to be on top of things, you can segment your day by hours. Some people like to use a coding system with different colors or fonts. Regardless of how you go about it, there is a definite feeling of accomplishment when you cross an item off.

Remember to Eat

People who work from home often get so focused that they forget to eat. It’s nice if you have enough peace and quiet that you can actually concentrate on your work, but you’re going to burn up energy in the course of the day, and you’ll need to refuel. You can do small meals if that’s what you prefer, but don’t skip them entirely. You’ll be feeding your brain as well as your body, and you’ll be more productive if you do. And don’t just eat the first thing you find — make sure what you’re fueling yourself with is nutritious.

Get Some Fresh Air

Staying inside all the time can work against you, especially if you are a person who likes to get up and move. Even in a conventional workplace, it’s important to go outside for some fresh air during the day. Vitamin D is vital to your health, and you could become deficient if you don’t get any sunshine. Even going for a walk around the block during your break is helpful. If you’re unable to take walk breaks, you could build an outdoor work space. If you have room in your yard, maybe you could put in an outside gym.

Keep Phone Calls, Texts and Other Distractions to a Minimum

You must minimize distractions. Of course, you have to take some calls. Field those from your boss, your mother, or your kids’ school, but when you’re at work, you need to be working. Your friends should know that. The more you treat your home as your place of business, the more successful you’ll be.

There are many good reasons to work from home, and lots of people are doing it these days. However, the ones who can make it last are the ones with a plan. When you’re your own supervisor, a little self-discipline goes a long way.

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