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Top 3 Copy Elements That Every Business Website Should Include

Top 3 Copy Elements That Every Business Website Should Include

Running a successful business begins by obtaining a helpful and functional website for your customers. Although this might not be the most fun part of creating a site, it is incredibly imported to include basic, yet important copy features onto your site. When it comes to crafting a well-rounded website, there are a few copy elements that need to be covered before presenting it to the public.

About Us Page

Including an About Us page into your site is so critical that even some of the most established companies in the world include it. This is much more important for a small business seeking to earn the trust and confidence of potential customers. Your About Us page should not only include information regarding the history of your business and owners but also your mission statement. Your mission statement articulates your company’s purpose, so it’s a good idea to include that on your About Us page. Note that you should be clear and honest with this statement as it is often the way you will introduce your company to potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer service, for a small company, can be a daunting task. Not only are you not equipped to handle the calls, but you run the risk of frustrating potential customers or clients from coming to your business again. Therefore, a good company website should include a frequently asked questions page. This may include policies on returns, shipping, hiring process, hours of operations, back ordered items, new inventory, and anything you deem necessary to include. Pay attention to the questions that your customers ask. Any new questions that seem like valuable information for other customers can be added.

Contact Us

Often, the reason why a customer is seeking to contact you is because they have an issue. The last thing you want to do is make the situation that much worse by making contacting you difficult. Thus, it is highly recommended to add a couple of features to your Contact Us page. This may include an email that goes directly to your customer service department, phone number, and live chat if available.

If you’re running a small business, a properly designed webpage can mean the difference between obtaining clients and closing the doors. Therefore, it is paramount that you don’t forget to add these basic copy features to your business website.

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