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How To Recruit 20 People A Week Into Your Network Marketing Team With HB Naturals

How To Recruit 20 People A Week Into Your Network Marketing Team With HB Naturals

Sounds to good to be true right? I know I completely understand. You’ve been told to…   

  • Make a list of 100 names and phone #’s
  • Hold meetings with friends/family
  • Just talk to people whilst in a queue in a shop?
  • Talk to everyone within 3 ft of you     


Please believe me when I tell you 100% you can have 20 people a day or more being added to your team, but I’m going to keep it simple and realistic for you, we’ll look at 20 per week. 

You need a team SYSTEM. That’s it. A System that is trained to everyone in your team, that they all follow, including you and all those in your upline. 

It’s a team pulling together all working a system that is PROVEN TO WORK. 

So what is this system? 

It’s Video’s and Blog posts. – Sounds ridiculous right? Well actually it isn’t. 

Why?  Because we teach everyone how to find the right video’s to do and what blog posts to write AND what keywords (search terms) people are searching for so your work gets found. 

But that’s not all. What is key here is that the company that we are ranking for is not a well known company, BUT its is experiencing massive growth… 

So we are ranking in the top spots on Google and YouTube for that company and DOMINATING the online landscape. 

That means we are positioned well to attract massive traffic to our 1000’s of articles and video’s ranked in the top spots. 

This is not a get rich overnight thing. It takes work. But would you do something for 90 days knowing it will deliver 4 – 5 figures a month income for you in 12 months time or sooner? 

We have been working on this for 12 months and its now happening for us, the team is exploding alongside the company.

This is PROVEN to work. And we teach and show you everything. 

So 20 new people into your team every week is very achievable WHEN you have a proven system that DUPLICATES and when you have a team that is also PLACING PEOPLE DIRECT TO YOU AS A THANK YOU FOR WORKING!!!! 

20 People Is Just The Start!!!! 

What to do now?

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By John Botting

Hello and thanks for looking at my blog article. My name is John Botting from England, UK. I'm a long time network marketer with over 30 years of being in the industry. My story of finding HB Naturals started with me searching online for a good quality CBD product at a reasonable price and stumbling across a video introducing HB Naturals and a team called HB Vitality. Anyhow after doing my research, I liked what I saw about the 1000mg CBD product, the CBD quantity per serving, and the price I decided to order straight away and become a wholesale customer by joining up for free. When I checked out the HB Vitality team build and team rotator system where people are put into your downline, plus all the free training and support. And then the HB Naturals compensation plan I knew I had to get involved. In my 30+ years of being in this industry, I can honestly say I have never seen a team as professional as HB Vitality and I'm very confident of the future now. Make sure you join us!

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