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Mega List Of 60 Powerful Blog Post Ideas For Network Marketers

Mega List Of 60 Powerful Blog Post Ideas For Network Marketers

Since I have joined the HB Vitality team the pressure is on to come up with lots of blog post ideas that are suitable for a network marketing blog!

The thing is, blogging to build your network marketing business isn’t solely about the products you sell. People rarely buy or join your team without building up some relationship and trust first.

“If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you” – Zig Ziglar (Click to Tweet)

It’s been a while since I blogged with any regularity. It is very useful for me to do a brain dump of blog post ideas that can be used across the various touchpoints in the “know, like, trust” customer journey. I can use them as a starting point for blogs I write here on the HB Vitality blog.

And since they’re ideas, I thought I would share them with you too!

“If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis” – Neil Patel (Click to Tweet)

Without further ado, let’s get right into the mega list of blog post ideas for network marketers. There are 60 blog post ideas here! You are bound to find an idea or two you can create a blog post or video around.

Useful blog post ideas

  1. How to… no network marketing blog is complete without a “how to” post or three!
    * Use a product
    * Build a great network marketing team
    * Use technology to build your team or promote products
  2. List posts – it’s almost law to have a list post on a blog!
  3. Step-by-step guides
  4. Checklist post – offer a download
  5. Create a cheatsheet

Customer focused blog post ideas

  1. Answer customer questions about products (curate from forums and social media)
  2. Customer focus – interview a customer on why they use a product
  3. How customers use a product
  4. Survey posts
  5. Offer a freebie
  6. Host a giveaway
  7. Thank your customers
  8. Case study
  9. Customer success stories
  10. Share reviews or testimonials

Product blog post ideas

  1. Review a product
  2. Unboxing products and first impressions
  3. Deep dive into product ingredients and benefits
  4. Product ingredients overview
  5. Personal post of product in use
  6. Comparison blog post – which product best for…
  7. Product tips blog post – how to use/apply/wear etc
  8. History/story/science behind a product or major ingredient
  9. Seasonal posts and how specific products are used
  10. National days/months and ties your products in
  11. Unusual uses of products
  12. Product myth-busting
  13. Definition post – of product names or product ingredients
  14. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) post
  15. Or flip it – SAQ – should ask questions! The questions people should ask but often don’t.

Business blog post ideas

  1. Company or team update posts – what’s new?
  2. Interview a member of your upline
  3. Interview a member of your downline
  4. Spotlight business colleagues
  5. Industry news blog posts – share your opinion/thoughts
  6. Industry stats
  7. Ask the expert interviews
  8. Success stories
  9. Growth of team

Marketing blog post ideas

  1. Social media tips
  2. Blogging tips
  3. Using ads
  4. Managing an online presence
  5. Favourite tools you use
  6. Curated blog post
  7. Top trends
  8. Crowdsourced post – answer a question

Personal story blog post ideas

Personal stories and sharing your own experiences as a network marketer helps build relationships and trust.

  1. A day in the life…
  2. When something went horribly wrong and how you over came it
  3. Do a personal challenge
  4. Personal story – why you started network marketing
  5. What if post
  6. Things you’ve learned since starting network marketing
  7. Business or personal goals for the next X months
  8. Business book I’m reading now

Picture blog post ideas

  1. Quote posts – who doesn’t love a good quote?
  2. Product spotted in unexpected places
  3. Inside peek – you in your work environment
  4. Before and after – using products, sharing results
  5. Infographic post

Love blogging?

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P.P.S. Look! I’ve put all 60 blog post ideas for network marketers on an infographic. feel free to download and share 😀

By Jan Kearney

Hi, I'm Jan and I'm based in the UK. I'm rapidly approaching “a certain age” and I'm looking to create financial stability and freedom. After trying many methods that drain the life from you or drain money from your wallet – I'm really pleased to have found the HB Vitality team with HB Naturals. Their team building methods and support are second to none. When I am not blogging or working, I love to spend time in nature with my dog.

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