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Simple Lead Generation for Network Marketing to Create Massive Results

Simple Lead Generation for Network Marketing to Create Massive Results

Discover simple lead generation for Network Marketing to create massive results and explode your downline!  If you have tried the “Traditional Methods” of growing your Network Marketing business and have been left frustrated, then you gotta read this!

Just imagine having an incoming stream of people who are interested in joining your business.  If you could consistently recruit 2-4 motivated people per week into your downline – that allows you to generate a 6-figure income in Network Marketing.

Traditional Lead Generation for Network Marketing just doesn’t work!

We have all made a list of our friends and family..

We have all pitched random strangers at the grocery store..

We have all littered the neighborhood with our flyers…

However, all these strategies are broken!!

No matter how much you do broken strategies, it just doesn’t get results!

After years of failing in Network Marketing, I realized if I was ever going to achieve my breakthrough – I had to do something different!

Have you discovered that the majority of people are not interested in Network Marketing.  No matter how much they could benefit from the product, or how much they could use the extra income – They just won’t join!  They have every excuse in the book!

Traditional Lead Generation for Network Marketing includes:  Trying to convince people who are not interested.

We hope if we “Invite” them the right way.  

Or send them to a “Great Presentation.”  

Or show them how much they “Need” this – that they will join!

(But it barely works and is really hard!)

The New Way of Lead Generation for Network Marketing: 

Get in front of people who are already searching for what we have to offer!

Realize, that everyday people go on Google or YouTube and search “How to join (Your Company Name)”

These people are already interested in Network Marketing.  

They are already interested in your company.  

They are already interested in your products.

Now they have their credit card in their hand and are looking for the right team to join.

How to create this type of Lead Generation for Network Marketing:

The truth is, there is no magic formula.  The “Secret Sauce” is time.  Decide to dedicate the next 90 days and go All-In with a plan that works!

Lead Generation for Network Marketing to get Massive Results:

  1. Keyword Research:  We follow a simple strategy to see what keywords people are searching for.  It could be: “How to join (your company name)” or “(Your Company) Review” or “(Your Company) Product Reviews” or “Team build for (Your Company Name)”
  2. Create Content:  We create blog posts and YouTube videos about the things people are searching for.  We provide value, share our story and get people excited to join our team.  
  3. Be Unique:  Instead of the same broken strategies everyone uses, we use a team build that is completely New, Different and Duplicates!
  4. Timing:  With Network Marketing, you can fight the current or ride the wave!  Discover the right timing and ride the wave to success!!

If you read this blog post and decided: “I am sick and tired of using broken strategies to try and grow my network marketing downline.  I am ready to do something new and this plan makes sense!  I am ready for my breakthrough and ready to commit the next 90 days to a plan that works!!”  Then you need to check out our team build!

The best part about this type of Lead Generation for Network Marketing:

It is “Ever-Green”  Meaning, once you get your blog posts and YouTube videos ranked, they continue to recruit for you 24/7/365!

Plug into our Team Build Bonuses:

  • The MLM Dojo:  Step-by-Step guide on how to research keywords and create content.  Improve your skills as you rank up through the belts
  • The Team Blog:  While the ‘Secret Sauce’ is time – plugging into our team blog allows you to quickly and easily get your blog posts ranked!
  • The Team Rotator:  Unlock access to our team rotator, which puts people in your downline for you while you are building up your traffic!  The biggest Win-Win in Network Marketing!

Don’t waste another day on broken Lead Generation for Network Marketing!

Decide to get started on this plan today and watch your downline explode!

Check out our Team

If you failed in Network Marketing and struggle to get qualified leads – Then you need to check this system out!  This could be your breakthrough!

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I am glad you discovered the right way to do lead generation for network marketing!

To Your Success,

Daniel Jay

By Daniel Jay

Hey There, I am Daniel Jay. If you have struggled in Network Marketing, realize that I have been here to! The 1st time I heard about Network Marketing, I was hooked! However, it seemed no matter what I did, I just couldn’t be successful! Network Marketing sounded like it would be a perfect fit for me. However, no matter what, I continued to fail! If you feel that same way, just by reading this blog you are already on your path to success. Learning and applying the skills we teach in our MLM Dojo allows you to create your breakthrough. Success is right around the corner when you learn the right way to market online. To Your Success, Daniel J.

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