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A New Way to Network Market

A New Way to Network Market

In one corner, we have your traditional network marketing company. And in the other corner, we have

HB Vitality and The Dojo with HB Naturals.

Who’s going to win??? Read on to find out!!!

Okay okay, I’m having a little fun here but isn’t it time for a new way to network market?  

Traditionally, we join “the best company ever”, tell all of our family and friends, and cross our fingers that they buy and sign up with us. We’re so excited and know that everyone will be just as excited for us and for themselves; cause how could they not sign up? 

Some of your family will buy a few things. I’m sure they sound a little like this. “Yes, I like the makeup, I’ll take one.” Or “I love these books your selling, but I only need one and in 6 weeks, I might need another; and no, no I can’t sign up, I’m not a salesman.”

So, then we go back to our upline and tell them no one is buying, and no one wants to join. And they usually respond with, “Try harder. Make a list of everyone you know and ask them.” “What about when you’re at the store? Did you ask the people in line with you?”

Um… no.

Because the truth is that I’m an introvert and I don’t want to ask the lady in line. And I have joined more than a few network marketing companies, so my family is tired of buying products from me. 

Look I love network marketing! I’ve seen my upline make it to the top in one of the companies I was at. I’ve grown a team of 50 ladies, and I love the idea that we can absolutely change our lives in it. 

But, why are we working our network marketing companies the way we did when network marketing started 100 years ago? 

Times have changed. We have the internet! Know, I don’t mean spam everyone with messages and try to get people to buy or sign up that way. (I’m guilty of this when I first started network marketing as well.) I mean, there are different ways to find people that love it as much as you do.

Let’s talk about the Traditional Way to Network Market and compare it to The HB Vitality Way.

Traditional Way Month One: Sell $500 worth of products. Build a team of 3. (This is what every month should look like.)

HB Vitality Way Month One:  Start using the products so you can see for yourself how great they are!

Accomplish your White Belt Training.

Accomplish your Yellow Belt Training.

Accomplish your Orange Belt Training.

Become Executive and work on Green Belt.

CONGRATULATIONS Let’s get you on the rotator!!

I know reading this, doesn’t make a lot of sense. What is a White Belt? What is the rotator?  And did you notice the traditional way did not have any training. Unless of course you call your ‘weekly call that gets you inspired but you still don’t have a clue what you’re doing’ training.

The HB Vitality Team with HB Naturals has come up with a system. When you go through the training, you move up and can get on the rotator. The rotator brings in like-minded individuals that want to find a new way to network market. Kind of like you… that’s why you’re here, right?

We use key word blogs and vlogs and help people who love network marketing find us; and we teach you how to do it. My family and friends might not want to join network marketing but there are people out there that love it and are looking for a company they can grow in. If you are one of these people that know you can absolutely change your life with network marketing, I hope you take action today.  

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By Veronica Valencia

Hi, my name is Veronica Valencia. I live in the great state of Texas and come from a huge Mexican American family. I get to homeschool my 5-year-old and work from home. I am part of the HB Vitality team with HB Naturals and love all of the organic, plant-based products. If you are considering working from home and are interested in joining the HB Vitality Team, please send me an email and let’s get you started.

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