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Improve Your Income From Blogging Skills

Improve Your Income From Blogging Skills

Great start…. You’ve invested time and money, intending to make money blogging, but a few months down the line reality kicks in and you realize it’s time to look at how to improve your income from blogging skills.

Perhaps you had a well-defined purpose when you were new to blogging – you should have – but if that purpose included making money from your blog I’m willing to bet you were disappointed with the initial results. Especially so if, like me, you intended blogging to be a part-time income source in retirement – or to run alongside existing work.

Not Making Money from Your Blog?

Well, there are plenty of tips available online – some I’ve tried, others I’m not really on-board with….

  1. Review and sell digital products as an affiliate.
  2. Place other people’s adverts on your blog – and for ‘pennies reward’ you lure them away from whatever you’re promoting, and onto someone else’s site.
  3. Accept paid posts – bit chicken and egg here – people only expect to pay to be on a blog that’s already successful.
  4. Become a blogging consultant and teach others how to blog (err… when you’re not making money from your own blog – that takes more nerve than I’d have.)
  5. Develop and promote a paid blogging course. Oh that’ll be profitable…. A search on ‘FREE blogging course’ turned up 68,300,000 results – how many people do you think will PAY you, a struggling blogger, for a course. (I’ve over-simplified, but you get the picture.)

Number 1 was what I did most of, but it was very time-consuming, and the big marketers did it so much better than I did – because they’d had free pre-release copies and were able to give away tons of free bonuses. It brought in a few dollars, but really not enough to justify the time I spent.

I completely dismissed the final 2 ways to monetise my blog mainly because I couldn’t bring myself to live a lie, and also because of the competition.

I’m not lazy – it’s just that I didn’t want blogging to be a full-time job. I’m already working full-time. Blogging was intended to be a part-time income for me to supplement my poor pension provision.

The harsh reality was that much as I enjoy my blog, 6+ years on, it’s turned into a drain of time and money.

Using Your Blogging Skills

If it’s such an unprofitable venture, why would I keep on with it?

Well daft as it may sound…

  • I actually enjoy the writing, and sharing my thoughts
  • After learning so much about blogging, and improving beyond recognition from my first dire attempts, it seems a shame to just drop the skill altogether.

There must be a way to make an income from my blogging skills…

Yes there is….

Work Within a Blogging Team

Steve Jobs said: Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

I am part of a team of bloggers, working together to promote a superb range of health and wellness products with SEO, on an authority blog.

It’s a network marketing business being promoted very differently to the traditional methods that most of us know, from bitter experience, don’t work.

  • It’s NOT get rich quick
  • It’s NOT make money free

But how have those worked out for you in the past?

We offer:

  • Free training – experienced bloggers will breeze through this. Brand new bloggers – it’s far easier than learning to set up your own blog PROPERLY from scratch
  • You’ll be proud to promote a wide range of all-natural, organic, non-GMO, non-dairy products from a 7-year old company. Many products at the $30 price point. Products for pets and people.
  • 7 ways to earn
  • Support
  • Genuine team-spirit is keeping everyone motivated
  • The potential for a long-term residual income that keeps growing as the team grows. The team doubled in size in the last 60 days, so we’re right at the tipping point of an explosion in growth that YOU will benefit from
  • You’ll be helped along by the team marketing effort where your blog posts are shared for you on Social Media (that’s the bit I’m really bad at doing!)
  • Make the grade, and you’ll be added to a team rotator to help you get sign-ups as the blog’s authority grows

Are you up for the challenge?

What we require from you

  • The focus to make regular blog posts – they don’t have to be mega-long, they do have to be regular. (It’s not a full-time job – it can be done in your spare time.)
  • You’ll need to make monthly health and wellness product purchases (at least $30p/m) – but do this right and your purchases will be covered by sales commissions from within the team, or from your blog posts. My upline covered his outlay within his first month!
  • If your initial blog posts don’t attract sales via SEO, you can speed up your progress by inviting other bloggers to join the team as described above for a couple of months. They may be pleasantly surprising by what happens, but If they don’t get the financial results they hoped, it’s probably cost less time and money than pursuing yet another shiny object. And they will have used some superb products. Think gifts too …. I’ve included a few low cost stocking fillers on my order!
  • Commitment. Don’t get impatient for 90 days! That’s a drop in the ocean compared to how long I’ve been trying to make money from my blog.

Alternative to Blogging

I’m a blogger through and through, but many of the team are speeding through this faster than I am by recording videos. You’re most welcome to join our team and make videos and or blog posts. Any combination of effort welcome.

Ready to Improve Your income From Blogging Skills?

Bloggers who haven’t seen success before, are finally seeing results with our team.

Learn more by watching a short video – CLICK HERE.

Then join the Facebook group, take the free training, get your questions answered, and see if you don’t think you can improve your income from blogging skills with the support from our team.

By Joy Healey

Joy Healey has been looking to build an extra retirement income online for several years now. She has tried more methods than she'd like to admit. Some have been total failures. Some have been successful, but needed continual injections of cash. Others sucked so many hours out of the day it was harder than full-time work. Until she found the HB Vitality team, Joy was ready to give up dreams of a residual income. Offline, Joy is actively involved with family businesses. For fun she enjoys line-dancing and reading. She lives in the beautiful city of Norwich in the UK.

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